Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Post Of 2011 - Swift Salmon

This River is FULL of Salmon!!!! Say the same thing about the Lakers. I took one of each, another two fly fishers took two salmon each and another took ten lakers. His secret?? Think MONO!!!

I swung a size 12 Orange and Grouse Soft Hackle and caught both at the end of the swing. Two others fished small beadheads under an indicator and the "Laker Man" fished a streamer. The Summary - put the fly in the zone (deep) and they will hit. That doesn't explain my swinging soft hackle which resulted in nice subsurface (just below)hit.

Smelt have been found along the submerged bushes and that has added to the game. Fish a smelt pattern and catch an salmon. Fish a size 30 larvae (yes, it's true) and catch a salmon. Fish soft hackles, beadhead nymphs, streamers, wooley buggers, lefty's deceivers (scratch the last fly although it seems like it could catch fish here) and you could do well.

I don't expect a horde of anglers to hit this place, the Y-Pool section, because it's hit by hordes already. Find a spot and fish it. The salmon fishing will last as long as the overflow and it's near 600cfs flow continues.

The above photo isn't a salmon but a rainbow from the Y Pool section and an older photo at that. I've managed to leave the camera in the car. Just imagine a much larger fish!!!!!!

Have a great 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Brk Trt said...

Happy New Year.
I've got to get up there and fish those rivers in 2012

Bob O said...

Great last post! Yep I'm all over that salmon/laker stuff. Glad you've connected with some of them - wouldn't expect any less.

Happy New Year Ken. Thank you for your faithful blogging. I am only one of many who appreciate it.

See you next year.

Bob O

Tony said...

Happy New Years Ken!

Keep up the good work with the blog!!

Gonna hit you up for some day this spring to show me around the Millers

Scootermsp said...

Thanks Ken, I might try to get there next Friday. Is it wadeable at all? I was thinking about putting my kayak in below cold spring road as I'm sure some of the LL have made their way down there.

Tony said...


I see the flows on the Erving guage are coming down. I know they stocked the crap out of the Millers this past fall with surplus browns. How do you think it would fish in January and February if the levels drop to wadeable conditions? I don't mind the cold one bit...thinking of multi tasking, stretching out the spey rod and try my luck with some streamers. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...


If the flow is ok do it - with studded boots and be safe.

My biggest brown on the millers was 23" in February one year on a big black streamer :)


Tony said...

Thanks Will! If the flows subside and level out in a month or so i'm definetly going to take a run up there and try my luck. My thoughts are there are too many fish in there that got a decent break from angling pressure the past 4 months or so.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I'm not much of a fan of fishing the Millers in it's swollen state. I've fished it during the Winter over the last three decades when the flow was low and the ice was non existent with some success but most of the time from January through mid March the river is ice bound and very high.

Now, some folks fish around the Orange WWTP outflow over the Winter and catch trout. I've heard of some bait fisherman catching trout by the dam in Orange Center.

Overall I like the Swift and the Farmington in Winter!!


Tony said...

Hmm...May give it a try if the water is reported to be low and flows are wadeable...but for the meantime I'll stick with the Swift, Good Call.