Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Millers - Finally

The title of this post is a bit misleading since I usually don't hit this river until mid May after the flow recedes but it's been low (180cfs on Sunday morning)and very fishable for weeks. So I guided two individuals from the lower river up to the Upper Trestle Pool casting WB's and some dries for a few rising fish. First, the Bridge Street Pool proved it's early season worth. We took one bow and lost some others. The Upper Trestle Pool, usually too high to fish, was very fishable and we managed to lose some up there. The Kempfield was a bust except for the occasional cruising browns that tempted us. We quit just as the rains began at 2pm. The RAIN - Central New England, on Sunday morning, was down about 7 to 8 inches of rainfall year to date. Buy Monday morning we had made up half of that and as I write this (Tuesday afternoon) the Millers is roaring away at 1030cfs!!! I'm not going to complain because we really needed the rainfall and besides, the Millers now looks normal for this time of year and that is ok with me. Let's hope it stays normal. Ken


Wood turtle said...

The stream gauge suggests that they closed the spillway at (I assume) the Birch Hill Dam on Monday afternoon. The levels rocketed up to about 1000 CFS and then leveled off. That's close enough to the median level for this time of year. Yeah, the Millers is blown out now, but I'm glad enough to fish elsewhere for a while. It's a joy to see it ripping along.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

I don't think anything was closed at Birch Hill. That only happens if there is a flood threat. Lots of rain but no real threat.

The Millers will be up for a while.


Will said...

Had an errand to run today, and snuck (I say that becuase I really "didnt" have time) in an hour on the water. Hendrickson's all over, an emerger and a wet, #12 were very successful flies for such a short time frame. The fish were slashing at the nymphs as they tried to emerge, making for a real fun "lunch"!

Amazing how high the Millers has spiked!

Anonymous said...

I have not fished the river so low as it was last Friday. Glad for the rain. Maybe it will settle down to a better flow and better fishing than the Thousand Acre and Bears Den was then.

Anonymous said...

Anyone been to the EB of the Westfield in Chesterfield Gorge, I know Ken says they dont stock it until May but with everything getting stocked early this year I was curious if this weeks stocking happened to take place in the Gorge.