Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Updates On The Swift And The Millers

6:45 am and there were no cars at either Y Pool lot. I was the only one at the PIPE where I caught 7 in an hour just above the TREE. Then I went to the Y.

The spillway is still spilling but it's a smaller flow. There are trout in that ARM but I couldn't wait to mid afternoon for the predictable rise. The Bubbler arm was DEAD. I fished the Y Pool proper, caught one and missed another all on tiny dries.

The Millers - I'm worried! This has been the driest first quarter that this State has ever seen. 18 Ma rivers are at seasonal record lows. The Millers is probably one of them.

We need rain. We don't need another 2010!!!



Anonymous said...


Hit the Millers on Friday, took fish at Arch St. and the Trestle pool, massive hatches started around one, tons of fun.


Bob O said...

Ken, I think I saw you below me on the spillway arm. Glad there's still some flow over the dam. I was worried it had stopped. Apparently it was the bubbler that was radically cut back. That will keep the spillway flowing at least till the leaves come out. Took a few fish out of the most unlikely spots which made for a very enjoyable day. Hope all had a good Easter.

River Hunter Flies said...

I'm disappointed that the state stocked the rivers in my part of the state (north shore). Most are just a trickle, with little or no flow. It's sad.

Falsecast said...

I agree, same goes for the Squannakook and Niss. They even stocked a local brook that is barely a trickle right now. We need a rain event or we'll be paying for this good fishing later in the season.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bob O, River Hunter, Falsecast:

The Summer/Fall of 2011 brought floods to our rivers. The high flows carried into the late Winter early Spring BUT there has been no rain and things are beginning to look grim. A week or two of normal rain and then followed by NORMAL rain will carry us through the Summer.

I've seen this before. Dry starts can usually end in plenty of water and great catches. Or we endure 2010 again. No rain, high temperatures, and a very high stressful season.

Lets hope for a wet Month of May!


Will said...

Lets hope for a wet end of April and May... But, the rain needs to happen between 11AM and 2AM so the turkey's gobble well in the morning (yes, I want it all - good water and gobbling birds :))

Cory said...

Any idea how the East Branch of the Westfield is fishing. Haven't been up yet this year. Saw that they stocked it, with no rain the flow must be pretty low. Going to give it a go this weekend.

Love the blog, keep up the great work.

Gerry said...

With the River Rat Race on Saturday how blown out will the river be and how long to settle down again? Curious if they are going to release the normal torrent or if there is not enough water left to sustain a heavy flow?

Millers River Flyfisher said...


The Gorge of the EB will be stocked in mid May just like every year. The full branch had many stocking points and some of these fish will make it down to the Gorge before that.

The River Rat Canoe Flood will not be like has been in other years because of the low flow. Normal flows will return by Wednesday.

It's a shame that they hold back water for this event in a dry year.