Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Rains - Again

I should have hit the Millers or the EB on June 1st. The rains came Friday night and continued for most of Saturday. As I write this on a sunny Sunday morning both rivers are running over 1200cfs. That leaves the Swift with it's placid 55cfs flow the only game in town. I'll work that river Monday evening. The EB will be the next since it rises like a rocket but then drops like a rock. The Millers?? Who knows. This river may actually rise for another day and then start a slow drop in flow. Let's hope that the week long forecast is WRONG. In any event it doesn't seem like a repeat of 2010, the driest Summer I've seen on that river in 25 years. Ken


Wood turtle said...

On the bright side, those 2" of cold rain coming into the Millers must have pushed the 70 degree water down to the Connecticut, where it belongs.

Kozman said...

The swift was packed today. I was lucky to get as many fish as I did as it was hard to work the stream with there being so many people. Plenty of feeding on the top until the T-storms rolled in. I couldn't figure out what they were hitting on the surface so I resorted to a streamer and caught about a dozen throughout the morning. Probably would have been able to catch more if I could only figure out what they were eating.

If anyone else knew what they were slurping, let us know.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


The Swift, especially the Y Pool, has great early morning midge hatches. Size 26 - 30 does the trick. A brown or olive thread body with a tuft of grey cdc for a wing works.

I fish that section from about 7 to 10am on weekends. After that you need reservations.


Anonymous said...

There's no fish in the Housy... just nasty PCB's. Nothing to see here.


tony said...

Great info on the Hous!! I'll store that away and when I get a chance to head out there, likely search through the forum to read up on that post again! That's what this forum is for guys, share your wealth for those of us who may only get a half dozen days a year to get our knees wet.

Tony said...

That was meant for the more recent posting of course

Raymond Culver said...

Captain Ray Culver