Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Millers, The Swift And Maybe The Perfect Storm!

It's late October and the fly fishing experiences have been sublime. The Millers has been great for the past month and if the flows stay low the fishing, especially on the surface, will be good. But there are changes on the way! We are looking at a large coastal storm for Sunday night through Tuesday which could (will) put an end to the fly fishing season on this river. Once the flows go up in the Fall on this river they STAY UP!! Dredge the bottom if you like but....

The Swift - Storm Irene and the late October snowstorm of 2011 finally caused the Quabbin to overflow EXACTLY at the time that the landlockes and lakers were at the surface looking to spawn. These fish followed the current over the spillway and gave us months of great fly fishing. Will this predicted storm produce the same event? Who knows?? It's all in the timing. Stay tuned to this blog for information. If we don't have a "landlocked season" we will still have a "winter trout season" on this great river!!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Fly Fishing On The Millers And The Swift

The Millers is loaded with Trout. The Swift is loaded with Trout. Take your pick of either river. You will not be disappointed!!! I guided on the Millers this past Saturday and my guy hooked a dozen. I took 11 in an hour and a half late Sunday afternoon on the Swift and a return trip to the Millers late Monday saw another four brought to the net in short time. The holdover/spring stocked browns are there with some new fish. Yes, there are rainbows.

The flows, around 200cfs for the Millers, are perfect. Ditto for the Swift.

I've seen some great fishing on the Millers in November but it is a rare due to high water from the Tully drawdown and Autumn rains. Hopefully that will hold off this year.

Don't miss this wonderful season. Winter will be coming soon!