Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Squeezing Out The Last Of Summer - The Swift, The EB

It gets so dark early now. We who are luck enough to live close to trout water have about a week and a half to fish those increasingly shorter evenings. Sundown occurred before 6pm this week and I'm making the most of it.

Monday at 5pm found me playing around at the PIPE. I met a friend who was getting it done with surface feeding trout. He had to leave which gave me the tree pool which was full of rising bows. The air was full of knats which covered my waders within minutes. The air also had a good population of BWO's or something that looked like that in a size 22-24. I took three bows in that hour on the appropriate size cdc olive dry before I had to leave. Someone else arrived and he had the place to himself.

Tonight was an hour spent on the EB. I took two rainbows at the exact place I had been dreaming about taking bows since this past weekend and they were taken with the trusty grouse and orange which has worked so well on this river in the last two weeks. I can't stress enough how YOU should fish this river before the hard cold sets in. I'm hoping for a mild November. I want to squeeze every opportunity that I can get on this river. If we don't get any floods and if the weather stays somewhat mild this place will be awesome.

Keep Fishing!!!!



zerosleep said...

Nice Ken. they were quite active, but convincing some of them to take the fly was another matter. with a size 26 student, a few co-operative ones made my day.

Falsecast said...

Nice to see you and chat on the water yesterday Ken. I took your advice and on a day off went fishing with a buddy at the EB. It's a bit of a haul for me so I need the day.

I took a few bright Bows, but only with a Teeko. Couldn't get any dry action and lost one on PT. There were plenty of fish chasing and visible though. I hope it gets some water with this storm, however. It might spread the fish out a bit. I think they are slowly getting "educated" as they are podded up. It's worth it for the foliage alone right now.

Also, went to the Swift above 9 on a weekend evening and took them on Hoppers and Griffith's Gnat's. Maybe that was the gnats you saw at the pipe?

Go Sox!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Good to see you Falsecast on the EB.

flyfisher1000 said...

ken....would you have any info of the you do on the in....where to park.. which foot-path to take...etc..??

Brendan said...

Hit an epic midge hatch below the pipe and down to the tree pool on Saturday. Clouds of midges in the air and on the water. Fish rising for well over 6 hours (they were still at it when I quit), but they were tough, even by swift river standards. Managed to sneak a size 26 griffith's gnat by a few of them and got a couple more on size 30 and 32 midge patterns. Tough catching for sure, but it's hard to beat casting to rising trout for hours on end.

Minnesota Fishing said...

Already looking forward to spring and more great fishing!

Bob O said...

Spring? Don't give up yet. They'll be good days throughout the 'dark side'. Anything that's sunny with still air, and +32 works for me.

Midges were 26-32. I saw Dan T working his magic on the PhD's of the hatchery hole. For me 24 is about the smallest thread nymph I'll tie on. I've not the eyes to follow a tiny dry on 8x.

Happy fall.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bob O,

You're right about the Fall. We'll have some great days in the 50-60 degree range in November except the evenings will be gone.

Dan T. spends a lot of time in the Fall around the Pipe area. It's a great place to be this time of year. If I can pull myself away from the EB I'll be there tomorrow afternoon.