Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, March 1, 2014

East Branch Westfield River Presentation At Evening Sun Fly Shop March 9th!! And some Midge Patterns

First, I said in my last post that I would be hitting the Swift today to take advantage of this 30 degree weather but other things happened that had to be taken care of and a 5 degree temperature at 9am made that certain. So, time to do some domestic things and tie some flies. It has been a hard winter. April is one month away!!

Second, Charlie Shadan of the Evening Sun Fly Shop asked me if I could do a presentation on the EB. I said "of course" and I will be at this great place on Sunday, March 9th with the program starting at High NOON! These shows have always been well attended and I will give you everything that I know about this great river. I'll also talk about the Millers and the Swift if time is available (it always is). Thought I'd add a couple of Summer photos of the EB. We can use them!

ALSO, Charlie is kicking off a March/April sale that, in my opinion, may be the best deal that you will see this year. Charlie has a great selection of quality equipment (rods, lines, reels) that will be heavily discounted by free additional merchandise. Charlie has a great fly shop that is growing in reputation every year and he does it by continually keeping things affordable to the fly fisher. The "big guys" want you to pay top dollar for the "name". Don't do it!!! SHOP LOCAL AT EVENING SUN!!!!!!! Check the website for details.

This pattern worked for me during the chill of last week. Size 20-22 hook, stripped peacock quill or brown thread body and a tuft of grey (best) or white marabou at the head. When trout start rising I'll switch to a CDC tuft. Simple and effective.



flyfisher1000 said...


I was wondering if you have ever heard of using "cat-gut" an alternative to thread or dubbing... I've read good things about it ...but was wondering if you have ever used it?


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Years ago when I was in the veterinary business I would purchase cat gut suture material and the idea of tying flies with it did cross my mind.

That's as far as it went.