Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Saturday EB Trip And A Stream Forecast

Saturday was a late start. Not for my wife but for me. Mornings in August mean a start time on the EB at no later than 6:30am. We started at 9:30am. That's ok because it was just meant to spend some time together, getting out on the water with a light lunch of sliced tomatoes and cheese and just exploring. The "exploring" meant fishing some places that I've overlooked over these years. Catch something? Maybe, but just a day in a good place.

I rose 7 and landed 3 while missing a brown that I would like to describe as Sparse Grey Hackle did about a brown on the Beaverkill 80 years ago: "It was the size of a railroad tie". I'll never tell you where I missed it and that's a first for the 7 years of this blog!!!

How did the wife do: hooked 2 and landed 1 on her tenkara outfit. Now, she is from greater NYC who never fished BUT she is a quick study. I gave her some instruction on where trout are found, she fished those spots and then found other runs and pools to fish. Then she said that her fly was too small (#12 soft hackle)and wanted a larger fly. I said "ok" and tied on a goofy bivisible creation and she hooked up. Now she doesn't think she needs a guide!!!!

Big, fluffy clouds kept the temperatures down and at noon the water temperature was 64 degrees. The only problem was the sunbathers and their stick fetching dogs that kept me from one good place.

Tenkara technique is great for someone new to fly fishing. It teaches you to fish up close studying the water. It's not equipment heavy and is never a frustrating experience compared to a beginner with conventional equipment.

Overall a good day.

The forecast - big rain starting Tuesday night and running through Wednesday. Say goodbye (again) to the Millers. God only knows how far the EB will rise BUT it will drop quickly. Saturday (maybe Friday) will be ok. If it's at 500fs the games begin. They are predicting 2.5 inches of rain. Dial in on my site to get the flows.

I have posted some poor photos of what I've been fished for dries on the EB. They are size 12 and 14 hairwing Adams that seem to hook more trout than the hopper patterns that I've used. Those EB trout seem to rise gently to the larger flies instead of the big take and that results in some misses. The big Adams gets their attention and they can take it in. As the evening wears on we go to smaller flies. You know the drill!

I think I've got to perfect my "dry fly in fast water" technique. Too many misses.



Scott said...


That is awesome, good for you - my wife won't go anywhere near the outdoors although I'm holding out hope for my daughters.
I was upriver from rte 143 a few weeks ago (in a tent staying out of the T-storms most of the time). It was stunning, remote feeling and there were a few trout there. Low water before the rains forced me to march up & downstream to find reasonable holding spots.

Do you ever fish that section or would you suggest sticking to below the gorge ?

Thanks Ken,


Jo Tango said...

Hi Ken, was at Concord Outfitters, and people there said you write an incredible blog. Just checked it out, and I wholeheartedly think it is incredibly thorough and thoughtful. Thanks for providing such a great service for so many!

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Never fished the upper EB although I've heard of a spot called the Pork Barrel between the 143 bridge and Rt9. Heard that it a once a great pool that got filled in over the years. That's all I know. The C&R still holds mysteries for me and that's why I fish it.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Thanks for the good words on the blog!!


John Robinson said...

Thanks to you, I am now addicted to this river. Spent another day on the water about 10 days ago Wednesday, introducing the river to a friend. Arrived 7ish with no one else on the water, which was higher than 2 days prior due to an overnight shower. Hiked down to a good sized pool that I am sure you are familiar with. Fish came up for hoppers for about an hour, then my friend tied on an articulated streamer and landed two good sized tiger trout. Spent the morning in the same spot then hiked back to the gate and fished some of the faster runs and pockets. Landed about a dozen fish between us and missed many more. Beautiful river. Tons of fish. And some hogs in there. Thanks again for keeping the updates coming!

Anonymous said...


Could you recommend any good no-hackle dry fly patterns that work on the EB or Millers? I've tied almost exclusively nymphs since learning to tie, but I want to start to tie a few dries that would have a shot of rising a few fish on a local river, but good hackle costs some decent money, and I think I'd rather see if I could find a no-hackle tie.

Thanks, Troy

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Use comparaduns in sizes 14 through 16. They will cover 90% of the dry fly situations that you will run into on those rivers. I use light olive or grey bodies on mine.
I will use hackled dries on larger patterns that I fish in fast water but comparaduns everywhere else.


Glad to see that you are hooked on the EB.


tincup said...

Swift kicks my butt again Fished the lower part of the swift on Tuesday plenty of trout present. Caught a few on hoppers and ants 4 to 6 inch brookies I think they are naturals and got 2 nice rainbows in the 14 inch range but those fish have seen it all really no rises to speak off caught on wet emergers One thing about this river is you get to tie a lot of flys on and resting pools Still a great day on the water

Anonymous said...


Long time reader, first time commenter. I love the blog, and it has helped me increase my success on our local rivers.

NOw a quick question... Whats the largest dry fly midge that you fish at the Swift? I've used size 26-28 cdc and dubbing dries, but I've always bought these, because my vision makes it hard for me to tie on these small hooks. I can manage on size 20-24, but I've never really tried fishing dry midges in these sizes. Have you had success using cdc dries in these sizes?

Thanks, and keep up the great work n the blog


Millers River Flyfisher said...


I've used cdc down to size 28.