Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September - What The Rivers Are Doing And A Lost Camera

I managed to be on all three rivers over the last week and for the first time this season I'm looking for a little rain for the EB. All is not lost and in fact I like the flow flow because of the dry fly possibilities. If swinging sunken offerings is your game than the going will be a bit rough. But the water temperature is in the mid 60's at mid day but lower very early in the morning.

The photo above shows the great isonychia nymph which is all over this river. A quick, darting swimmer this nymph acts like a stonefly by crawling up onto rocks to hatch and then flying away usually around dusk. There are plenty of imitations that you can find online so I will not bother with the recipe. The dun is dark colored with smokey grey wings (unusual for this time of year) and trout will take that surface imitation EVEN THOUGH it doesn't ride the surface like most other mayfly duns. Don't leave home without them!

The other photo is of the great Hemlock Pool. As the Eastern Flyfishing Magazine article pointed out it also has another name: Les's Pool. I believe I met that man years ago when he was a driving force behind TU (when it was a driving force) in Massachusetts. I'll call it by the latter name going forward. Anyway, fish this pool and the riffles at it's head. The gate is still closed so it's a 15-17 minute walk to get there but well worth it.

The Millers - I love this low flow and I love the fact that darkness falls at 7:30 instead of 9:00. You don't have to wait f o r e v e r for surface action. Again, water temperatures are fine. Even the rainbows made it through the Summer. Don't forget to bring some large light colored flies so you can see them in the failing light. They have worked the last few times out.

The Swift - Every thing works at the Gauge down through the Tree Pool from 30's to #14 soft hackles. Also, weekend evenings have been sparsely attended by fly fishers in this section. On Wednesday evening I saw only two other anglers which appears to be the norm over the last few weeks. Spend an evening down there before our evenings are gone.

I have some open dates through late September and October. October Fridays are mostly open (weird) with a few weekend dates available. First come, first served.

Summer is winding down with Fall right around the corner. Fish the next two months before everything shuts down (except the Swift).


9/12 Update - The lower gate on the EB is open so you don't have to endure the 15 minute walk to get to Les's (formally called the Hemlock Pool) Pool. It was windy as hell which made dry fly fishing dicey but worth it. I rose 4 and landed 2 in the 3 hours there. Long floats through the pool brought 3 up with 1 hooked and then 1 in the riffles at the head of the pool. Ok under the windy conditions. Probably could of caught more with a nymph BUT I like dries. Rises were on and off and If you see a rise cast to it.

Update #2 - The lower gate was closed on Wednesday evening BUT was open on Friday morning. Go for it!!

This Just In: a camera was found on the way to the Y Pool. Email me and I'll connect you to who found it.



Michael from Winchester said...

found that pool on the EB for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Got a big rainbow and missed several others through sheer ineptitude, but it was a beautiful spot.

Jo Tango said...

hi ken, had some good luck on the EB swinging wets and floating dries. most memorable were a tiger trout and a rainbow, both large, feisty and healthy-looking.

hope all is well.

also, have emailed you requesting a copy of the Miller's Guide. i know that you get a lot of inbound email, but if it is possible to get the Guide, that would be great.

Troy Holt said...

Do Grouse and Oranges work all year round on the Swift?

Michael from Winchester said...


Do you ever hike into the river from the Bryant Rd. side to fish further down below where the second gate is usually locked?


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Email me directly for the Millers Guide.


Yes, all year round in the riffles.


No I haven't. The second gate is now open



Does anyone know of any good spots on the westfield in the westfield blanford area? Just getting back into fly fishing and looking to take a couple of buddies Saturday morning. Would live to land them on some fish. It will be their first time casting a fly.

Troy Holt said...


Do you ever fish the Deerfield? I know you have mentioned it several times in the past, but I never really got the impression that you were a big fan of it. Just wondering if you think this river is worth hitting if I'm in the area. Or am I better off taking a short drive to the Swift?

Thanks, Troy

Kris said...

where is the lower gate located? my only experiences on the EB is driving to chesterfield gorge (river rd) and driving down the road to the rainbow pool or keep driving to the bliss sign? I went this past tuesday morning and water levels were low and slow. I cant seem to just find a good spot on the EB which sounds ridicluous.. any information would be helpful

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I don't fish the deerfield anymore. It's certainly worth fishing.


About a mile and a half below the trustees parking lot there is a gate. Much of the time it is closed but it is now open. 3/4 of a mile (or so) below that is a large, deep pool.

The turn-offs along the dirt road are a good indicator to good holding water.

I always thought the rainbow pool was below indian hollow.


Muggs said...

Ken & Company,

Fished the EB this morning. Still very low but many fish in the better holds. I couldn't get them to come up top, but plenty of action below the "bobber". Still no sign of these tigers that people have mentioned, but managed two large browns.

Drag free, Muggs