Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, October 10, 2014

Columbus Day Weekend - Everything Is Perfect!!!!!

Check the stream gauges on this site. Check the weather report for the next few days. Everything is perfect for fly fishing in Massachusetts this weekend. So why are you reading this blog?? Rig up and jump in!!

I'll see you there!!

BTW, I'll be writing and ranting about what one of our neighboring states is doing with trout management on my next post.



Scott said...


Whats the smallest tippet you use at the Swift? For size 26's and 28's I've been using 7x, but I think I may be putting off a few fish with it. Do I need to move to 8x?

Have a good Columbus Day Weekend! I'll be at the Swift all three days, and hope to see you around!

Cheers, Scott

WrongDay said...

Ken, can you recommend some patterns for the Millers? I can't decide whether to go there or to the EB tomorrow. Any suggestions?

Millers River Flyfisher said...

I'll go to 8x for 26 and smaller. thankfully you don't have to use it all of the time to be successful.

Wrong Day,

Use any standard patterns. WB's, small bead heads, soft hackles etc. There are no magic bullets but you have to know how to shoot.


Troy Holt said...


Was at the Swift this morning, a bit rainy but not that bad. Landed a few trout on soft hackles. But 4 of the 6 were brookies with beutiful orange colors, and I saw tons of brookies swimming around, chasing each other . Question- Are brook trout spawning around now? It seemed like whenever I saw one I could cast to it, and it would be provoked into eating my fly right away. I've never seen the brookies behave this way on the Swift.

Thanks, Troy

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Brookies are spawning or are about to right now.

Many more brookies now then before in that river. From 8 inches down to 2 inches. I like seeing that!


Falsecast said...

Troy - I agree with you about the Brookies. I did notice a cluster of them and a few big bows behind. I wonder how many of the spawning Brookies eggs the Bows are going to eat? This is bar far the most Brook trout that I 've seen in the swift in 20 yrs. They love the Hopper.

Anonymous said...

Fished the Millers Monday. Flows were low but still had surprising success. Browns were sipping #22-#24 bwo's in the "soft water" and edges and managed to land 4 while losing two. Found one big boy who was being very selective on emergers and got him to boil once but did not connect on the hook set-still alot of fun and now I know where he lives.
It was my first time to this section of the river and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.
I'll be back for sure.

Muggs said...

Ken & Friends,
After promising myself I'd stay away forever, I found myself back at the Swift today. The water, low elsewhere, was moving along at its usual clip on the Swift and I needed a fix. I fished, caught two small square tails and two hearty bows, and enjoyed the balmy day without interruption until late morning. A group of angler arrived waded in on all sides of me, chatted, splashed, strided through my swing zone - reminded me of why I hold disdain for the Swift. I wonder - what is the ethos/etiquette of fishing the Swift? It seems to me to be oh so different than fishing any other river. As one raised on open western rivers, I will say that I may simply be reacting to the close quarters of the river - but I do not see such antics on the Deerfield, Green, EB or Millers, or anywhere in VT or Maine. Casting distance is close enough on those rivers - and surely no one has ever set up in the very seem that I'm casting to. What gives on the Swift? 66 years of fishing flies, but I guess I could use an education.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


The Swift is not a western river like you were raised on. In fact it's smaller than most of the rivers that you mentioned. Where were you fishing that you had such crowded conditions? 80% of my Swift fishing is done without anyone within 50 yards of me. I don't like crowds but still catch fish on that river.


Mike said...


LOL - Sounds like you were fishing "the Pipe" - there are at least 5 "designated slots" AT the pipe (upper inside, lower inside, upper, middle and lower outside), and at least three more between there and "the tree" (and a couple more downstream of that!). Hey, it's the Swift (and they don't call them Massholes for nothin')! Like Ken recommends - when it starts to get crowded, it's time to move elsewhere - it is possible to avoid the crowds on this river.

Mike from Andover

Muggs Boatwright said...

Ken & Mike,
Yes, you make fair points! It is certainly tight quarters on the Swift, and I shouldnt be such a curmudgeon when it comes to fishing. I was, indeed, fishing at the outlet Pipe pool - I had no idea that there were established positions!!! Pie on my face! To be fair, I love seeing all the young people fly fishing. In the 70s and 80's I couldn't find anyone under 50 to fish with, now it seems to have made a come back and I should appreciate that for what it is. I would note, however, that the folks who got my goat on the Swift looked to be of the age where they would know better. Perhaps all this dry weather has packed us too tight - I'm looking forward to tomorrow's rain and the chance to get back to that lovely EB.
Drag free, Muggs B.