Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Getting Up Early - A Swift River Morning

It pays to start early and when you go to the Swift "early" is never early enough. I began the hike to the Y Pool section at 7:30 today with only one car in the lot and another just arriving as I was putting on the waders. I stayed away from going to the PIPE after what I saw yesterday: 8 flyfishers from the PIPE to the end of the Tree Pool at 9:00 am. The gauge section was not an option because I and another angler saw NOTHING in this section. I decided to go above RT 9 for a change.

After the 10 minute walk I got to the Y Pool and found 2 anglers working the water. No worry because the Pool was not my destination. The Bubbler arm was the place that I wanted to be. Long story short: I took 7 in two hours and all where over 16 inches. Started with a #14 scud, switched to a Grouse and Orange and they both worked. The guy who arrived just after me caught double what I did. A real fish hawk that guy!!! The Y Pool - not so good but maybe as the day went on it improved.

I'm not giving secret spots away. Where I fished is fished by everyone. It just pays to get there early!

Went home, raked leaves and am listening to the Patriots as I write this. A good day so far!



Anonymous said...

Hi Ken, I've been using grouse and flash and grouse and orange a lot since reading your column. Looking at your soft hackles posted, the soft hackles look more like hung. partridge...Please tll me if I'm correct> Thanks

Bob O said...

There are not many secret spots between the Bubbler and the Pipe, so there's no spot burning here. Good report Ken. Shows what one can do at the right time with flies sized so even I can tie them on. Those two flies are old faithfuls. I was blessed last week to release a beautiful 16" brown in a less crowded moment down by the hatchery. The kind with the big dark spots against a white background. That fish made my day. See you on the water.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Who knows! I have grouse and I have partridge and I interchange them all the time. If a hackle looks to light I'll hit it with a brown sharpie. One feather is as good as the other.

Bob O,

I've seen more big browns down in that stretch this year than in recent years. Maybe they're after all the little brookies!!!!


tincup said...

Ken bad weather day figure I tie some flies Question I have do you ever coat your partridge and orange silk with nails as hard or another substance. Or put a fine rib of gold silver or any other color wire rib.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Tin Cup,

I never coat any flies. I use orange and red kevlar thread on a lot of SH flies because I like the waxy color. I also will wrap tippet material over some bodies because I like that look. Check my post for 9/29 and lick the photo of the bottom fly to get a better look.

Sometimes I use fine wire but it's mostly on buggy looking flies.