Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Late February - Things Are Getting Better (well...) Time to Schedule Trips And Lessons And New Waters

As I write the temperature is 38 degrees, as warm as it has been this month. We are two months past the shortest day of the year. You can feel the sun on your face and you know that even though we are into an arctic blast tomorrow it cannot last too much longer. In the last few years the Swift has offered up surface action in late February and it may still do so during this next week. We just need a few good days. If the snow holds off and we get some NORMAL seasonal temperatures we will be working the Swift and maybe, just maybe, some of the smaller streams in about four weeks.

In the meantime it's tying flies, inventing patterns that look great now but by May will have me thinking "what was I thinking"??

It's a good time to contact me for Spring and Summer trips on my favorite waters. I'm also working on a select group of rivers and streams where next to nobody goes especially other fly fishing guides. They are totally under fished! Once I feel confident about these waters I will offer them up for trips without broadcasting their names and locations. If I guide you once you will have the place forever!

Think Spring!!


P.S. - Decided to throw some Summertime EB photos out there in case you forgot what the place looks like when living is easy!!


Chris from Warwick said...

+38° one day -12° this AM. With all this snow I feel the Millers is going tobe a mess for a chunk of the season unless we get drought like conditions.

I have tied so many flies and untied so many new ideas...this winter has actually made me appreciate tying for what it was years ago.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Don't hope for drought conditions. The winter of 2002-2003 had massive snows through March and then nothing through the spring and summer. Skinny July water was terrible. A nice, easy snow melt and a NORMAL (flows and temperatures) summer would be great.

Tying flies - one Swift River regular (45+ years) said that he has never been so organized at this time of year. Translation=not that much fishing!!


Tincup said...

It had to be Bill must be going crazy... Worked on Davie McPhail Damsel nymph muddlers I did them in black brown and brown since those are the colors I see come out of millers etc. He tied them in olive but I would think those were from weedy rivers he fishes. I have only seen brownish black or blackish brown from mass. to maine. Have u seen them in other colors. Tie them light to dark. NEED to buy more fly boxes. Donated a mess of flys to a Andover sporting club for their junior flyfishers, just a IDEA for people to encourage our young to start flyfishing.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


It was Bill!

Damsel fly nymphs are squat, rather ugly critters much like dragon fly nymphs and are usually brownish. It's the adult fly that's olive and that's the color for most of the imitations which makes no sense but olive works.

Posted a picture of an adult damsel a few posts back. A beautiful fly!