Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Like The Millers Of Old (And The EB)

The old Millers River has taken a page from the 80's and 90's and republished it into the late Spring of 2015. Everywhere is producing! My friend Bill and I worked the Bridge Street Pool on Memorial Day with Bill fishing the great tail of this pool and I working the riffles at the head. Bill brought up trout to dries and I did the same high sticking above. All told 8 were hooked and 6 were landed.

Off to the Kempfield where we fished a few corners that are seldom touched by anglers and had surface action. Wednesday evening I ran into Don Barnes of Regal (the vise) Engineering and he told me of an epic sulphur hatch on Tuesday evening. We saw some of the end of this hatch and took trout. It's been great on this river BUT fish the evenings for results and a memorable time.

The EB - Boom or Bust it seems to be. You either catch them or you don't. The brookies have provided some seasonal sport but the rainbows and the browns are there to carry us through the Summer. Fishing is harder than in past years but if you get into trout it will be very rewarding.

The Swift - I've heard of the place. Maybe I should fish it(HAHAHA). Actually it's been fun making some longer casts for a change!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Ken this is my first time posting but I have been reading the blog for a few years.I have a trip scheduled with you for 6/19. I fished the Millers last night for the first time in a spot in Wendell a friend who has been fishing there for decades had told me about a few years back. I had a productive night despite warm conditions bringing three browns one very large to hand swinging both sh and wb. I met a few very friendly folks out there and although by dusk quite a few people had arrived there was plenty of water to share. Had a great time. Paul

Theo said...

Late afternoon on Sunday I drove up to Kempfield and fished in a light rain into the evening. I'm not good enough yet to identify the hatch but there were emerging bugs floating all around me. The mostly small browns were launching themselves completely out of the water, sometimes vertically. I tried light and dark Hendricksons and finally, a #20 BWO that they hit now and again. Landed a couple. All in a all a lovely evening.

DRL said...

Hi Ken,
Followed your e-book to access mid-bears-den. Walked 100 yards and I didn't havee to cast more than 10 feet from where I stood on-shore, in shorts and 77 degree air. I had left my vest with attached net on the shore. I caught and released a nice 14" brown immediately and moved even closer to the inlet spring that the fish were hanging out in (6 foot "cast"). I hooked a WHALE, that made a powerful and spirited run and when he went airborne I thought "oh no. I need a net to land this fish". That thing was strong as hell, I fought with one hand, tripped and fell trying to put my vest on so I could use the net, finally stuggled to my feet with vest on and line tight. Next I had to muscle this thing to the net by wrist strength in rod hand. Almost comically difficult and painful. This was the finest rainbow I've seen taken from a massachusetts river in 40 years fishing. 20", heavy, super-athlete with bright red/pink stripes above and below the rainbow. Did massachusetts actually grow and release that magnificent creature? Wow! I stood alone in that gorgeous pool in the dying light of a May Saturday evening and laughed and screamed at the moonrise. My dog howled along.
I fished the "oh so famous" Roaring Fork and Frying Pan rivers for a week last month with great success and didn't see a fish to match this one.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Wish I could of filmed that experience!!!

Ma.DFW will stock bows close to that size range but they are rare this year. Maybe a holdover, maybe not. Still a great fish and a great accomplishment!