Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Millers is Sooooo Good Right Now And Some New Guiding Hours.

This may be the best month of May in the last five years on the Millers for rising browns. The lower CR is ALIVE! The sections below the lower CR are full of fish, period.

A few hints: browns hate crystal clear blue skies. On those days like those you will be fishing subsurface if you want success. As the sun begins to drop below the ridges the surface action will start. On overcast days the browns will start work hours earlier. We had success on both kind of days at the right time and the time is in the evening.

For those hand wringing thermometer fanatics: We had stocked brookies slamming flies on the Millers when the morning water temperature was 62 degrees. They were full of fight!!!

I'll be writing about the EB after the TU crowd leaves by Monday.

I'm opening up some late Spring, Summer hours for 5 to 8 pm during the week. Great hours! We get the evening hours with the evening hatch. Just right for learning about some new spots that you need to explore, to brush up on presentation and fly selection or to just get into fly fishing. EMAIL me (address is above) and we are on our way. Three hours for $90.00 is hard to beat!!



Mike from Andover said...


On the advice of your blog headed down to the Kempfield section today. Arrived about 9 to get the last parking spot by the railroad tracks - never saw so many guys fishing there, 6 guys suiting up as I pulled in. I found a nice spot away from the other fishermen and despite the sunny skies found plenty of willing fish using a Red Fox Squirrel nymph with a #20 midge trailer in brown or orange. 2 bows and 4 browns came to the net along with a fallfish and a smallie with 7-8 fish missed or lost. The bite slowed down after noon so I headed back home to do a few chores. As you say, the Millers is fishing great!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Sounds like you hit the home bound surge from the TU event on the EB. But then again weekend mornings are the time to run into people on this river.