Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, June 5, 2015

EB And Millers Update

The rain of Tuesday changed the picture for two of my favorite rivers. The Millers began to rise on Tuesday and continued to rise through Thursday night. The lower CR is still too high to have any safe fun but the Bears Den has gotten into fly fishing range and is a real possibility this weekend.

The EB peaked at 1100 cfs late Tuesday and is now in the low 200's. Perfect conditions for the weekend and for good results today. Fish this river this weekend OR if you can get a Monday/Tuesday next week you will be in prime conditions and have most of the place to yourself.

Oh yes, the Swift!!! There are trout there but not that easy. Fish hard and smart!!



JG said...

After fishing another section of the EB on Saturday morning (with a few good sized bows landed), we pulled into the Gorge at 3:30 p.m. figuring we'd claim a pull-off before the evening crew arrived. Every pull-off had one or more cars, and a pile of cars were at the gate. Seems like it's midweek or bust at the Gorge, unless you prefer to fish in a Black Friday atmosphere.

Appreciate the updates!

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Many of the cars at the gate on summer weekends belong to swimmers and hikers.

I can't say that I've seen fishing crowds like that unless TU is having their late May conclave OR that some fly fishing retail spot is having an "outing". That has happened with the Swift falling victim to that last spring. Frankly I've never seen the place over run with anglers except on the TU weekend. I've been there for the past three weeks and its been quite.


Anonymous said...


I agree with JG. There are more people fishing it now than ever. I think much of it has to do with the exposure it now receives on-line. Many of those people who have learned of this river have to travel a good distance to get to the river and do not have the convenience of living locally. That said, most fish it during day time hours 8:30-5pm, not early mornings and at dusk when the fishing is at its best.

John Robinson said...

Spent the better part of last summer hitting the EB in July and August. Always during the week vs. weekends. Never saw more than 4 other anglers total down to the locked gate and for another mile or so past the gate. In my experience the EB takes some work. But once you get it, you get it. Haven't been yet this season but looking forward to a late June run.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


So, what's the concern here? Is it that you don't live locally? I don't live locally to the Salt which is why I gave up 2 1/2 hour trips to cast for stripers which I love. I live 20 minutes from the EB, 30 minutes from the Swift and 35 minutes from the lower Millers. I'm lucky!!! People live and fly fish in Montana AFTER WORK while I take a flight from Bradley to Atlanta to catch a connector to Bozeman and then spend more $$ for lodging etc. That's life!!!!!

"On-Line"???? How about the State making this section C&R years ago which draws flyfishers like magnets. How about the MA/RI Council of Trout Unlimited which has brought thousands of flyfishers to this river over the past thirty years. How about fly shops which sponsor trips to this river? Don't you think that the these events contribute to weekend "crowds". I remember fishing this river 7 years BEFORE I started this blog and saw numerous flyfishers even then. Today I saw 3. Last Friday I saw 4.

People blame "on-line" information but don't complain when they check "on-line" to check the flows which can make or break a day long trip.


tincup said...

Ken you have just nailed it again. The web is great but people use it for all types of excuses when it doesn't work out for them. Also have traveled to northern maine , Canada for brookies, but its the decision one makes. Checking the maine guide fly shop web page and flows have saved many long travel hours which occurred before web pages. Also look at u tube any fly pattern and its there, years ago we needed to beg too get a pattern. You are at one end great trout, I 20 minutes from the salt and Joppa flats. This blog at least keeps me connected to trout, and when the salt gets bad I can make the swift a great afternoon. So keep up the good work, and telling how it is because there is more who need the information just the young need to learn instead of becoming judge and jury.