Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Places And Old Places

A New Place - I've never written about the Middle Branch of the Westfield and not because it doesn't deserve attention. It is a beautiful mountain stream that rises in the eastern Berkshires, flows for miles along a seldom traveled country road, is impounded by a very deep reservoir and then spills into the Main Branch in Huntington. My friend took rainbows out of this small stream that were unusually fat and broad shouldered and just seemed to look different in size and color than a hatchery bow. Hmmm...

I don't expect the hordes to descend on this place because of it's remoteness plus there is so much water to fish. And don't trust the flow gauge on Middle Branch. It's located BELOW the dam so you don't see the impact of high water events. To get a better picture check out the flow on the West Branch. As I write the Westfield watershed is getting hammered by rain but things will be very fishable in 48 hours. I plan to be there!

An Old Place - The lower C&R of the Millers ends at the bridge in Erving Center. It is seldom fished, taking second fiddle to the Kempfield section upstream. This is a great spot with lots of trout (I saw two stockings here this Spring) but it comes with a warning: it may be the most difficult section to wade on this river. When the flow is over 400 I go elsewhere. I love this place when the flow is 250 or lower and I'll have it to myself on most occasions. It's great dry fly water too!!

We needed the rain and now we have it. As I've said many times the EB rises quickly and falls quickly. If it's at flood stage on the day you plan to fish then hit the Swift or another river that isn't blown out. The Millers has been so good as of late that I don't feel too bad with rising waters. It will stay up for a week or more which means I'll fish other rivers.

Go Fish!!!



BobT said...

I agree with your comments on Erving but also sections a fair distance from the bridge...what a nightmare to wade-but the area holds fish all the time but I'd only recommend it to athletic waders in all but the lowest conditions. I often see guys at the Trestle or Kempfield and often enough end up a place like Erving...the river is good in many places.

Dave D. said...

Hi, This is a long shot but I was fishing at bridge (bridge street) yesterday 6-27-15 and left my rod case and a tupperware container of hand made flies behind. I don't think this is the location you are discussing but if you or any of your readers happen upon my case I would be forever grateful for its return. It is a new rod case so I was used to packing up without it and didn't even realize I had left it until tonight. My fear is that the rain may have caused the river to wash these away.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Dave D.

J Kon said...


Are you talking about the Arch Street Bridge In Erving Center? If so then I do agree...very tough section to wade.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

That's the place. It looks easy wading from the bridge BUT once you're in you better have a wading staff and strong legs. An athletic friend of mine did the "dump dance", the goofy movements you do just before you fall in, one early December day. The plan was to grab some beers at a bar in Millers Falls. We did BUT he was too wet and cold to stay long. Maybe I should call his dance the "Millers Falls". We still laugh about it.


Millers River Flyfisher said...

Dave D.

I hope someone finds your rod and contacts this blog.


tincup said...

Ken // Dave did u lose the rod or just the case?? Also did U lose your flys I tied a bunch in the winter and would give u a dozen or 2 just let this blog know what u need I am sure others might help. Hope this is ok with u ken Just trying to help. Happened to me before. I guess we have all done it. Fishing the salt now with 9 wt. Running and following the birds the beach fronts been alive at dawn. Match the hatch sandells and herring. Plum Island Will be on the swift the next week or two when bad weather stops the salt.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Tin cup,

Anything helps.

I'll be on Plum Island for a week starting 7/11. Really looking for bluefish for the GRILL and cold beer at the Black Cow at sunset and all the really good spots for food/drink in Newburyport. Also will be working on my tan during bankers hours. In four days I will be thinking of rising browns on a Millers dusk but I intend to ENJOY this stay!!!


Anonymous said...

There aren't any browns in the Millers Ken, you know that (wink, wink ;^) ) Enjoy the salt and those linesiders. Looking for big fish at night, here's a tip...small sandeel patterns on floating lines right off the beach...and you cannot strip slow enough, trust me.

Deerfield Fly Shop said...

Dave D my friend found your rod case and flies. I'll put you in contact with him. Call Deerfield Fly Shop @ 413-397-3665