Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Millers Evening Guys

Hit the early evening on any summer evening and you may be alone or you may be with some who are a kindred spirit on this river. They know, like you, that the daytime, bankers hours end around Memorial day and KNOW that the evening is the time to fish for those browns that this river is known for. They are quite, patient and are good to be around. Join this group, watch and listen for any advice that you can get. Join this club!!!

The rivers are doing well and this day or so of rain will keep it going.

Summer fly fishing is upon us. No need to hang up the waders for the fall stocking. If you feel that way then read another blog!!



Hibernation said...

Agreed Ken... But yesterday, the rain and a chance to fish bankers hours and swing a brace of a picket pin and light cahill through the upper CR from 1-4 worked out really well. Lots of takes and several to hand... Some risers, but no clear hatch. Such an amazing area and river.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Good to see that someone is swinging those old reliable flies through classic water. Picket pins - how many younger than 40 know what that fly is and how many see a light cahill and call it a sulphur. There is a difference.


Michael from Winchester said...


Can you remind me what the fishable levels are on the Millers. We needed the rain for sure, but now comes the check. We must wait before we wade.



Falsecast said...

Hi Ken - I took your advice and went to the Kempfield section on Sat. I met few other nice guys who were also your blog readers. I saw a laminated folder version of your guide. You should be very proud that you are having such a positive impact on this river you love.

Also, darn if you don't know it. I waded from under the bridge all the way to the Kempfield big pool and only had one tiny (wild?) Brown of about 6 inches.

Went back up to the top, but now it was after 7pm. I took 4 rainbows on caddis emergers and the bugs really started popping. Some large Stoneflies and cahills from what I could tell. I ended the night with a tippet breaker brown who took stripped black stonefly nymph. All in all a good trip. There were about 8 cars when I left at sunset, but didn't feel crowded. I imagine it's a big blown out now.

Lastly, when I was wading under the train bridge I saw what I was sure was a Snakehead!! It was in the backwater and I chased it for a while and got a really good look. After doing some google searches I now think it may have been a Bowfin. Ever heard or seen this monster ugly fish? Looks like mixture between a pike and an eel.

Tight lines and thank goodness for the rain!

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Sounds like you had a good evening with good company. That good company included that six inch brown!!!

The blowfin: they are in this State BUT don't forget the occasional WALLEYE that work their way up from the Connecticut River. They have been caught over the years around Farley Flats. Now I've added to the mystery!


I fish the lower Millers Millers when it drops below 500 cfs. 400 is fishable in the Bears Den. It may be a while before we see those levels.


BobT said...

Hey Ken-love the blog. A regular reader, sometime commenter for many years, then went to Colorado for a few years and now am back. Was at the Depot section Memorial weekend got there a bit late (8am) but it was overcast so I wasn't too bummed. Fished the riffles between the trestles with nymphs and wets and got a few, I've never done great in that section but it looks damn fishy. Kempfield was occupied by 3 guys so fished a couple riffles downstream which I had to myself. I also got to hit the riffled section above Kempfield and got one but there were at least a couple takes on the copper john which I missed. Downstream I did very well with the Gartside Sparrow fished both as a nymph and a wetfly. A few risers appeared for a few minutes and though there might be a hatch going on but not to be. All in all a great day for me, not a ton of fish but some decent steady action. I need to get there more towards the dark hours but its a fairly long trip so I take what I can get. Always fun to fish old haunts but I did scout out some new water towards Erving...looked pretty inviting.