Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, July 24, 2015

Mid Summer And The Swift Is It

It's the middle of Summer and we know that the freestone rivers are an early, late situation. Not the Swift. Today I took a first timer to the Swift and we worked some sections that are seldom fished. We caught fish and lost many others. The fish are there but you have to hunt for them and we were successful.

All of this was BELOW Rt 9.

Above rt 9 it's finding the trout. We found the trout, dozens of them, in a spot that was totally under fished.

There are trout EVERYWHERE on this river. You have to find them.



Bob O said...

Good for you securing success for a first timer. Chances are he'll be hooked.

Anonymous said...


How has the dry fly action been on the Swift lately?


Michael from Winchester

Millers River Flyfisher said...


It's been good.


Peter Schillig said...

Hi Ken,

I'm planning to head out to the Swift later this week to fish in the evening. I haven't made it out there since late December. Based on your recent experience, what size and pattern of dry fly was most effective for you?

Many thanks and I love the blog.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Good to hear from you.

I have fished ants and beetles during the mid day hours (any size) and sulphur type emergers later. I'm not a "match the hatch" guy and have found generic emerger/ dry patterns get it done. If I encounter many fish rising to "unseen" things I go with the appropriate size generic emerger pattern, usually a dark thread body with a cdc or snowshoe wing.


Anonymous said...

Hey ken. Had a great day on the swift with a friend of mine who is very new to trout fishing...he managed to take and fight a fish on a very generic white mayfly profile size 22. Unfortunately the 7x got the best of him. he did have a few takes after but none were brought to fruition. I managed to take and loose a few on a dark emerger pattern size 20 fished in the film. All in all great day and my friend is now hooked on trout after seeing rainbows fly...our next trip will be to the jungle. Also my brother Brian and I wanted to thank you again for our trip in june, we had a blast! See in the stream, tight lines sir.

Just Me said...


Good for you on getting him his first swift river rainbow. Glad the run worked out for you guys.