Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Welcome To The Jungle - Below The Pipe

This past week I introduced a guy to the Gauge and the Pipe sections of the Swift. He had been fishing the Swift for a few years but ONLY in the CR section above Route 9. He was amazed that the place existed and that the water was so inviting. The next day he went right back and caught a monster bow. Today he brings his son back.

He was the second Y Pool refugee in two weeks who got to expand his knowledge about this great tailwater. If you find that you spend most or ALL of your time above route 9 then FORCE yourself downstream. The Swift is a more fertile stream down by the gauge, a natural occurrence the further downstream that you go and even MORE fertile below the pipe, an unnatural occurrence. That nutrient load is what gives the Tree Pool it's midge heaven reputation.

Now, what about the fly fishers who found the Pipe and never left? The answer = Visit "The Jungle" (aka Cady Lane) First, you will not have trout running between your boots as you do far upstream. Instead you will have classic upstream spring creek fishing. The place just looks fishy and has plenty of brookies and browns to keep you happy. Lots of overhanging trees insure plenty of ants, beetles, jassids and whatever landing on the water all day. And the Water - It's still cold!!

Now, have I messed up anyone's life by talking about this spot? No, because I've talked about this place before and NOTHING CHANGED!
Maybe someone will get adventurous and break their habit.

The EB came down as expected. Very early morning and the evening is the time to go.



Bob O said...

Terrestial season is upon us and is just the ticket for the jungle. It's a fun time of year watching trout slowly sip, or crush, hoppers, beetles, inch worms, and the like. Only lasts for a short time. Enjoy the solitude.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bob O,

You are right!! I was there two weeks ago with foam ants. It's fun to watch the larger fish follow that dry for a take or a refusal.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna try here next time I hit the Swift. Thanks for the tip! Are there also fish then in the area in Bondsville that looks like a series of connected big pools? Where the river gets really wide/weirdly shaped?


Millers River Flyfisher said...


More like connected ponds.

When I fish Bondsville it's below the last dam.


lenny tamule said...


When you fish the Bondsville section below the dam, is there access or do you have to hike down from somewhere?


Millers River Flyfisher said...


I drive down from rt 9 about 5 miles on river rd into Bondsville. I skip the dam and enter an industrial park next to a large gas station. The river is right there, just of the road and past the trees.

Wade upstream and you'll be the last dam. Downstream you'll have a few miles before you hit the Ware River.


lenny tamule said...

Thanks for the info good stuff as always

Rich duffy said...

Have you had any luck there recently?