Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sliding Towards Late Summer

August is a transitional month. We've lost about an hour of daylight since the solstice and the early morning lawns have a light cover of dew that was not there in early July. The rivers are at their summer low points with the exception of the Swift which keeps chugging along at 47 cfs but don't be surprised if we see a spike in the flow of the Swift if this dry spell continues. (Swift veterans and readers of this blog know what I'm talking about).

Ants and beetles fished on the surface have done well on the Swift during the past few weeks. Fish them with the classic upstream approach and don't worry about making the presentation a total dead drift. Land insects move around when they hit the water and trout know that!!! Also look for a sunny and WINDY day. Breezes move leaves and insects get tossed into the drink.

The sulphurs have finally left the stage on the lower Swift and have been replaced (somewhat) by the cream cahill. This 14 to 16 size fly is a tan color and first makes its appearance in June and lasts through the end of September. It's the last of the larger Spring/Summer mayflies on this river. Enjoy it.

Off to the Millers or the EB today. I feel like fishing something big like a size 16!!!!


P.S. I've mentioned the comments section of this blog in the past. There is a wealth of information posted there by readers. Take some time to go through a dozen posts and pick up some pointers. KE


Hibernation said...

The Cahills were strongly out on the swift last night Ken. Sadly one of my only trips to the river this year... but a ton of fun. Started slow with some takers on Beetles and a Sawyers Killer Fly... but the WIN was when I figured out the fish were happy to take #18 Chimera Caddis pupa's. the rest of the afternoon was quite fishfull!

lenny tamule said...

Caught 6 on foam ants today. There were decent breezes that no doubt helped out the ants cause, beetles not so much today. Last week I have reason to believe I left a rubber net and there were a couple of tippet spools with it as well I'm almost certain I left them on the roof and forgot. If anyone has seen or found them somehow and can get them back to me it would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Fished the jungle to the pipe Sunday. Had a double digit day. Mostly ants down stream. I noticed something funny at the pipe, browns seemed to be taking more traditional dry fly type rises and were willing to take my ant pattern but the rainbows in the same run seemed to be taking splashy nypmhing type rises and were a little harder to trick although a gray dubbed emerger with poly yarn wing in a mole fly style did the trick.( seems like a lot of people get these types of rises confused) Have you ever noticed a difference in feeding like this in the same run? Also I beleive I caught a glimpse of you. I was wearing a green plaid long sleeve and a tan vest. By this time I was about to the middle of the run. Tight lines
Paul F

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Thanks for the comment and hope the equipment shows up.

Paul F,

I've seen different rise forms where the browns were more reserved and the bows were eager just like you did. On the Millers the bows would start in the evening with splashy rises and the browns would start later with that quiet swirl!