Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thanks For The Rain!! An Update

The flash flood warnings never happened, at least not in trout land. The EB and the Millers, especially the Millers got a good shot in the arm with water levels up BUT not too far up. The Millers, as I write this, peaked in the 300's and is now heading down. All of this is good for this weekend. Remember, the sun sets around 7:45 pm now. The long wait for the witching hour is over. Take advantage of it.

The 120 flow on the Swift has changed the game below RT 9. The higher flow has moved the trout around and the insect hatches seem less concentrated. This flow condition may actually end this week if/when the Connecticut River flow goes up.

Quick Tip - A week ago I had the pleasure of guiding two NH guides, Jim Norton and Dick Peterson. Dry flies became the order of the evening and I noticed that before Jim powdered his dry fly he squeezed it into some sheet of absorbent material. A new hi tech chamois material? An all natural recycled fungus from Siberia? Nope. It was a folded paper towel. Probably BOUNTY brand. How come I didn't think of that?



Anonymous said...

Good update and tip Ken. I usually use my shirt to dry them off first, but a small piece of paper towel could take up no room in my vest...

Ad are terrestrials still catching at the Swift? Would you happen to know when they stop working?

Thank you,
Tom from Saugus

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Terrestrials will work until the first heavy frost. Two months to go!


PeteH said...

Fished the Kempfield Pool late yesterday into the dark. Brought along my daughter's boyfriend who is new to flyfishing. 6" smallies, and sunfish on dries (hoppers and ants) until the bats started to show. Then, a nice brown on an Ausable Bomber. First time post, third time on the Millers. Thanks Ken.


Bob O said...

Flows are back down on the Swift as of Thursday noon. This is the up and down season. Fish are still there and compliant as ever.