Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, October 3, 2015

October - A Short Update And Two Open Dates For October

First, the Swift got stocked but not with a lot of trout but enough to keep you occupied. A Swift River veteran who witnessed the above RT 9 stocking said about 50 fish were thrown in. The Pipe section got some with no apparent effort to spread them out. No reason to wave the bom-boms for this effort. The brookie spawning hasn't really started above RT 9 yet but the Jungle is still swamped with them. Lots of BWO yesterday.

The Millers exploded on Thursday and is still in the 1000 cfs range. Stocking is today or was yesterday. Wait till the river comes down.

The EB hit 2200 cfs on Thursday and is now below 300 in 48 hours time. I'll be there today. Any new fish will be moved around by the flow.

Three weeks ago October was open and now it's booked EXCEPT for Friday 10/9 and Friday 10/30. Either one can be full or half day trips. First come first served.

Now November is booking up.



Bigdawg said...

A classic autumn sage also know as a cinnamon caddis, october caddis, great caddis, etc. going on down on lower Deerfield last few nights. Quite a sight to see. --Mike

Bob O said...

There may well be another infusion at the Swift before Columbus Day.

tincup said...

ken is the jungle below cady lane do u fish it the side of boat ramp down or other side. Also do u know of a link which shows a map of the swift all the ones I check are unclear or swift rivers in other states. Thanks again

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bob O,

We're counting on you to be RIGHT! (just kidding)


Cady Lane is the jungle. Fish were you can.


Reminds me of the Millers!

No Meio Do Atlântico said...

tincup send me an email, I got a map of the swift, and anyone else that wants it just email me to
Fished the Squannacook on Friday afternoon and got a nice 16 inch brown on one of the pools that I saw them all summer long, went back today to explore some more pools and got another 15 inch brown on a streamer.
Rui Machado

lenny tamule said...


How well do the trout hold over during the summer on the squannacook?


fischmeister57 said...


last time I was on the Swift, though I didn't take the temp, I noticed that the water was kind of warm. Do you know what's up with that?


JG said...

Netted a 16" bow in the pockets above the Bliss Pool Saturday shortly before (I believe) you and your client dropped in below us. Great day!

Millers River Flyfisher said...


The water temperature at the gauge on Friday morning was 63 degrees. I believe that this was due to the seasonal lake turnover that happens in the Fall and Spring. (google that for a good explanation). By 1pm Sunday the temperature was back in the 50's. No problem!