Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, October 12, 2015

Three Days On The EB And A Trend

It was good to be on the EB!!! First, the scenery is spectacular, there are fish to be found and on this long weekend we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Not that there were no other fly fishers but with MILES of water they just begin to disappear. More on that later.

The trout - 10 to 12 inch bows were stocked recently and finding them is the challenge. Don't expect them to be found next to the road either. They're scattered but in groups. For instance, The middle of the Bliss Pool held fish Friday but the head of the pool didn't. Saturday the whole pool was a desert but Sunday they were jammed into the head of the pool leaving the middle vacant. Go figure!! Hunting for fish was the name of the game and it was fun.

A trend - Over the last few years I am guiding more and more people who are really looking for one thing: Solitude! They want to catch trout in a place that isn't a watery version of Times Square. Some are Swift regulars who realize that they've been going to the same stretch of river for months because they're afraid they will miss something. I show them what they're really missing which are sections that are seldom or NEVER fished. I have guided people to the Swift who have avoided it because of the crowd issue, walked right by a dozen anglers, and fished for hours without sharing a run.

Yesterday I met a gentleman from New Jersey who was on his second day on the EB. We swapped stories during lunch and he talked about how he loves this river. He mentioned liking the Deerfield and I then asked him if he fished the Swift. "Once, too crowded" was the reply.

I'm not bashing the Swift or it's regulars of which I am one. I'm just stating that there is a growing number of fly fishers who do not want to be part of the crowd. It's easy to fall into a safe routine. Make an effort to do something different!!

The Millers has been hot. Enough said!



Anonymous said...

Hello Ken and everyone. Just wanted to comment on this real quick. I think people in this state forget that there are other great rivers that hold fish year round. I fished one middlesex county gem exclusively last fall only saw a few guys and took holdovers from September right through December. There are many others like this that I am sure get written off as only being good during stocking. Give your local stockie stream a shot you may be surprised, my experience last fall changed my whole perspective.
Paul Fay

John Robinson said...

Hey Ken,

Buddy and I hit the EB Saturday. I think we may have driven past you in a grey FJ Cruiser and said hi about 7 a.m.? Your post is spot on. Fish were there but scattered. We started at Les's pool at sunrise. Had two hits on a hopper in the first 15 minutes and then notta. Fish were there but seemed a bit turned off. Dead drifted some buggers and wet flies but no takes. Worked our way back up the river. Saw a gentleman pull a nice brook trout about 50 yards before the locked gate in full colors. We eventually ended up in the Bliss pool area, taking a half dozen -- mostly bows and one nice brown -- on nymphs, bead heads and emergers. Some midges hatching, and pretty sure we saw some late-season caddis coming off near the banks.

Another great day on a great river. Thanks again for all the updates -- it makes planning a day on the water much easier.

- john

Millers River Flyfisher said...


That wasn't me. I drive a CRV and me and my angler didn't start till 8 am. The Bliss Pool did nothing for us on Saturday but me and my clients took 10 from the head of the pool Sunday am. Friday the Bliss Poll worked!! Weird but fun.

You are soooo right!! Years ago I fished the Squani into late November with dries and had a ball. The Nissi can do it too but everyone gravitates to the Swift. It's almost like if they can't see the fish they will not fish those waters. Some blogs, that claim to cover many rivers, now only really cover the Swift. I cover three rivers and that's all I need.


Anonymous said...


I've cut way back on my time fly fishing the rivers mentioned here and now prefer to spend the time exploring new waters ventured by few. People wanting to fish away from the crowds that gather on the Swift, the Millers and more recently the EB is nothing new. There has always been a segment of the fly fishing population who prefer the challenge of searching "the road less traveled".

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Read carefully. I didn't suggest abandoning the above mentioned rivers but just going to spots that don't have traffic. The EB has more "empty water" then most rivers have water. Move away from the C&R choke points on the Millers and you will have miles of "lonely water". As I stated, you can be alone on the Swift too.



Ken, just wanted to give you a kudo's!! I watched your Chronicle piece the other night again. I've seen it several times in the past & still enjoy it ever time I watch. I fly fish & enjoy it, though you make it look extremely easy to do & catch fish.

Well done!!!!!!!!!!!...........Phil

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Hey Phil,

Thanks and good to hear from you!!