Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, December 4, 2015

Falsecast Started It - The Alchemy of Bamboo And A Good Swift Morning

The skill of the early artisans who made split bamboo rods was amazing. They contrived tools to make sections of bamboo so perfectly uniform that at the tip of the rod the cross section might be as small as a sixteenth on an inch, yet each of the six bamboo sections was identical Lee Wulff, The Atlantic Salmon

I blame frequent commentator "Falsecast" for starting this whole thing. My November 20 post led with a discussion about graphite and fiberglass. He chimed in with a question on whether bamboo may be overrated as a rod building material. I gave my pros and cons but spoke of the beauty of bamboo. That started the ball rolling or better said, that started the double haul to my present state. I've spent the past week taking out my two bamboo rods that haven't seen the light of day in months. Put them together, flex them around my fish room, take them apart, clean the ferrules and then do it all over again. I had to fish them and fish them soon..Today was the day.

Which one - the 7ft 3 inch rod made from an Orvis blank or the Paul Young "reconstructed" rod standing at 6 feet? The longer rod won so we started working the Swift together this morning.

The rod matched perfectly to my 3wt double taper and with the #16 partridge and orange selection. A long story short - we broke into the double digits within two hours with bows taking that swinging fly 2 to 1 over the brookies. At the end the soft hackle came off for a #20 micro egg which produced a 50-50 split between the above mentioned species. But the real pleasure was feeling the gentle flex of that cane and seeing the rod respond with the classic bend of a fighting fish.

Why did I forget these rods? They always worked well in the past. Maybe because I may leave a graphite rod or four in my vehicle but would NEVER leave a bamboo rod in the car to be stolen. So into the house they go to be forgotten as was the case. No longer will that happen. Fish them, protect them and then fish them again. Maybe a New Years Resolution is in the making - fish cane in 2016.

I have my eye on a third rod to join the team. Thanks Falsecast for igniting the fuse. I mean THANK YOU!

The thermometer may kiss 60 degrees Sunday. You have no excuse unless you fished today or on Saturday!!



Anonymous said...

Took the plunge into bamboo five years ago and don't regret it at all. You're right about leaving them in the car. That aluminium tube is a dead give away.


fischmeister57 said...

I had been fishing my Orvis Helios 5wt on the Swift and, with 8X tippet and tiny flies, losing a lot of fish. Since I can't afford one of those 0 weight or 1 weight rods that many of the regulars use on the Swift, I got out my bamboo rod that I was able to afford long time ago (made by the Austrian rod-maker Walter Brunner, now deceased). It's 7'3" 4wt. I still lose fish, but fewer and, as Ken aptly put it,
"the real pleasure was feeling the gentle flex of that cane and seeing the rod respond with the classic bend of a fighting fish"!


Falsecast said...

Ken, you honor me! :)

I appreciate your comments and anyone else's on the subject. It's not like I need another rod, but I a thinking of maybe a 3 wt, 8 foot as a guilty purchase.

I have 2 T&T rods, a 7 1/2 foot LPS and and 8 1/2 foot Helix, both 4 wt's that are my favorites for the small water around here. I was thinking of talking to them? Any other suggestions for dealers or process? I was going to ask around the Marlboro show as I am in no rush.

Glad the post got you to bring your old classics out on the water. For all of this talk of fine rods, I still try to pull out my first rod ever, a $99 Cortland that came with a free reel from Herman's world of Sport! Still works fine :)

I skunked at the Quinnie today. Might have to try to hit the Swift during this warm spell.

Parachute Adams said...

Amazing colors on that brook trout. You gotta love them this time of year...nothing like them.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Ultra light rods are not that necessary. 2wt through 4wt's have brought in many Swift trout on tiny flies and really shine on larger rivers with larger flies and more wind.
I think you showed me that bamboo rod last summer. It's beautiful!


I have a few hours tomorrow morning to take that 6 foot rod out. Maybe I'll se you there.

Just ordered a Swift River Sierra 7 1/2 foot cane for a 4wt line from The Swift River Rod Company in New Salem Ma. It will have no problem throwing a #3 DT either. It gets a final coat of varnish and will be ready by Saturday. Can't wait!!

The colors are really vibrant but they are becoming a bit ragged after 2 months of spawning.


Anonymous said...

Between you and Falsecast talking about bamboo, is making want one now!! On another note, how has the secret spot been? Thinking of heading out there next weekend, tiny nymphs or soft hackles again?