Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Generic Nymphs And The Fly Show

"The great charm of fly fishing is that we are always learning." Theodore Gordon

I seldom tie to a pattern or a set of instructions or materials because I find that it is usually unnecessary and I like the idea of throwing a new set of wrinkles into the fabric of fly tying. In fact, most of the time I find myself eliminating steps/materials to see if the final product will work. It usually does.

One of the most satisfying methods of fly fishing is to fish an emerging nymph in the surface film. This bare bones fly does it all in sizes 16 through 26.

Hook - dry fly or scud in the above mentioned sizes

Tail - a short strand of olive brown floss

Body - olive brown floss or thread

Thorax - a ball of lighter olive dubbing combed out with a dubbing brush (one can use CDC here but the fuzzy dubbing ball works well when treated with powder)

This is a good BWO imitation and also seems to work for other species too.

Went to the Fly Show on Friday and felt that it should be renamed the Incredible Shrinking Fly Show. It's getting smaller every year!! Now if you're new to the sport it will still seem like Christmas morning to you but ten years ago it was packed with exhibitors especially the "destination" exhibitors. Two of my favorite booths are gone from Marlboro but still do the other locations. "Not enough people" was the reason one owner gave.

The promoter should try to study this. New England is a hotbed of fly fishing and and we certainly have the population to support an event like this.



Anonymous said...

Went to the fly show last year with Brian and wasn't very impressed, although we did hear a good talk on finding trophy trout. I like the simplicity of the above mentioned nymph, I was wondering though if you or anyone has had success with "hot" color nymphs or nymphs with flash? I tend to tie my flies in natural tones but this seems like it could be an easy enough fly to experiment with. If Ken or anyone has some suggestions I would appreciate it very much. Thanks
Paul Fay

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Thank you for the comment!

My blog has waved the pom-poms for the "Hot Spot" nymph for going on ten years. The hot spot is not neon colored but a distinct difference from the rest of the fly to make it hot. It makes a difference. I've tied up some SH flies with a thorax that is a bright color and they have worked especially during the cold months although they were not double in effectiveness compared to more somber colors. In short, don't leave home without some hot colors because they will work.


Parachute Adams said...

Anonymous, what was the gist of the talk on finding trophy trout. I would love to tie into one some day. Thanks, Sam

Gary Cranson said...

Ken,I too was at The Fly Fishing Show on Friday and every year good booths are disappearing,there prize winning data falls in the hands of time share sales people that are. quite persistant with phone calls,and the same four experts have discussed the same topics for a number of years. That being said I was able to load up on Saber hooks to ty patterns like your one posted today.
Thanks Gary
PS I did get to shake Leftys hand at the show a few years ago!

BobT said...

I don't think the Marlboro show is at a good time or location. I suspect if it were moved to the metro Boston or Springfield area it would be a better pull; also the weather seems to be iffy every year, it discourages vendors if you have bad weather coming through and there is a poor turnout, they get crushed. The same outfit runs the show in other spots and I have been to the one in Denver...fantastic and the one in NJ ...also fantastic. Huge turnout for both. The vendors have a huge cost to do one of these and if they take it on the chin most are really small companies and it makes it a poor investment. Poor vendor turnout turns off the crowd so it kind of feeds on itself. I'd change the location and the date...Late February in Springfield might be a better time.

Hibernation said...

I enjoyed the show - also there Friday. I actually like the minimal destination booths - I realize for a lot of folks that's cool stuff, but for me, I want to see gear and see tier's. Certainly some great tying talent to talk with, including a good number of local guys like Armand C and Rich S coming to mind.

That said, it's a quick event for sure. I dont think I was there an hour, and I didnt miss anything. I did not attend a talk, which would have been fun, but the time frame I could go did not have much on offer.

Hopefully it does not go away, it's enjoyable, though not as large as it once was.

Love the flies Ken... Simple = Good :)

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I too loaded up on Saber hooks. Fly Shack has expanded over the years which is a good thing.

Bob T,

I've heard that the other locations do very well. I agree that the time of year could be a problem. Maybe March would be good.


Good to hear from you!!


Paul N. said...

With so much available on the internet for research and purchasing materials etc, I think this may have had an impact on the show. I also attend Historical gaming shows and these have been going down also for the last 10 years due to the internet. A lot of vendors are online and feel the shows aren't worth the effort any longer. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Hello all, I wanted to go to the show but like it was already said, weather was a problem. I wanted to go on Saturday because I leave work late on Friday but the storm was already on its way and coming from Boston I had no intention on driving back home in the middle of the snowstorm. If I were to give suggestions I would say to move it closer to the metro area and a little before the season opens so you can get the people who is gearing up interested.

Mike C said...

I was looking at the Saber hooks at fly shack. We you tie emergers and scuds are you using the 7050 or the 7051? The other is 1x short but 1x heavey. Where do you draw the line we using a "heavy" hook vs a normal wire hook.


Millers River Flyfisher said...

Paul N.
Internet sales have a big impact. I buy from Fly Shack during the year and it's all on line. I could of done the same thing Friday.

The 495 location may be a good one. Having the show a month later would be better.

Mike C.
I bought saber 7051 in the sizes that I wanted. I may have bought 7050 in the past but this hook will work fine.


Ontherocks said...

I was there on Saturday and in one of the last seminars of the day, the organizer was introducing Ed Engle and began to lament Sunday's turnout by saying that although they have had good luck with weather the past few years, they hadn't had much good luck with the home team always in the playoffs.

Funny, I thought at the time, but I think you have all given better reasons.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Good point!


Anonymous said...

Parachute adams,1 water trout can hold over in i.e. a trib or outlet into a big lake and 2 unique food sources, something they can grow fat on like smelt
Paul Fay