Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The MB, The EB, The Millers And Your Comments!

"The crack high-country trout fisher is a good hiker, a fair-to-middling caster, a poor aquatic entomologist and a hands down master of the educated guess and the long, quiet bank sit. He also needs a working sense of humor even if at times he aims his jokes with the coldheartedness of a sniper" John Gierach

The Middle Branch of the Westfield - You should fish this river. I spent five hours there yesterday, caught trout and never saw another angler. I was in one of the most beautiful small watersheds in this State and I had it to myself on that wonderful Spring day. The funny thing is that the small country road that runs along this river has less traffic than the dirt road along the EB!!!

The River - At 11am the air temperature was about 57 degrees but the water temperature was only 44 degrees. This is a COLD stream and it stays cold even after Memorial Day because of the shading, leafy canopy. This is a classic riffles/pockets/pools setup and is excellent dry fly water.

The insects - Say hello to caddis flies!!! The place is crazy with them. I would expect the mayflies to make an appearance once the water temperatures get into the 50's.

The Trout - All rainbows on this trip and that seems to be the story with this river. I've yet to catch a brookie here. What I want to try next Fall is the area above Littleville Reservoir which is the home of a smelt population which feeds browns in the reservoir which may, just may run up the MB to spawn in November. We will see!!

Where is the place - Google maps will show you but as a reference it is about 16 miles from the EB parking area if you take the "northern approach" instead of the "southern approach". You'll figure it out. BTW, I guide there!!

The EB - Don't freak out when you look at the flow rate today. IT'S NOT THAT HIGH!!! That is the flow below the dam in Knightville released for the canoe races today. The CR has a nice flow right now and probably has enough rainbows coming from upstream to make it interesting.

The Millers - Today's flow is being held back at Birch Hill (just check the flow chart) which has dropped the river to fishable levels but WATCH OUT. They could suddenly release water which has occurred in the past. Keep an eye on it.

Your Comments - As all of you know I like to give up to date reports on various rivers in this State and have been doing it for years. My reports have not caused any mob scenes on the rivers that I report on and have actually moved some anglers to try new places especially on the Millers and the Lower Swift. AND NOW MY READERS ARE GETTING INTO THE ACT!! Please read the "comments" for each blog post. There's info on different NAMED rivers and fishing techniques are shared. I've always felt that it is a pointless exercise to brag about how many fish you caught and then refuse to even name the river you were fishing. Could anyone be so insecure? The answer is YES and I've known a number of them over the years. They would never reveal a river but the read this blog to find out what's happening.

Keep it coming guys!!



Anonymous said...

Appreciate your candor and updates on major rivers. You are right about the Middle (forgotten) Branch of the Westfield River being a little gem and one I need to revisit.
After the canoe races this weekend the East Branch and main stem Westfield should be perfect for fishing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken, I'm looking forward to when Ill be able to spend my weekdays fishing those lonely streams and rivers you are always crowing about. Give yourself a big hug and a pat on the back.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Anonymous and Freelon,

I have more to come!!!

Anonymous said...

Really good to hear something other than the Swift and the Farmington!
There's so much water out there especially in the spring.


Chris of Warwick said...

Anonymous said:

There's so much water out there especially in the spring.

I often wonder if that's why some of us hardly ever run into other fly fishermen. Too many times I go to the Royalston section of the Millers and then head down to Erving later in the day and never see another fisherman

Millers River Flyfisher said...

The Millers is a big river but everyone wants to stay in the CR sections. Few fish the lower Millers. That's good for us!

Today I fished a GREAT river,had great surface action and never saw another fly fisher!! There's no CR on this river which drops it down a peg on the popularity scale But the surface action was GREAT!!!!

I'll write about it within 24 hours.