Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, May 22, 2016

An EB Early Start And Surprises On The Swift

This is the 1950's when kids are still allowed to run wild as long as they're home by dark. It's also a time of low grade delinquency - like trespassing, truancy or the odd fistfight - comes under the heading of "boys will be boys." You may get scolded or spanked but you won't have to undergo counseling" John Gierach -All Fishermen Are Liars

Well, my client cancelled Friday when he found out that TU would be invading The EB for the weekend. "I don't like crowds" was his reasoning. I don't either and I told him that they won't be showing up until our trip is almost over. That didn't change his mind. I suggested an earlier start. It was no to that too. So, I got to the EB at 7am and had the place to myself for three hours. I saw only one other flyfisher and I was fishing the Bliss Pool which is popular. I saw one other vehicle during that time and it didn't stay long.

The fishing was very good. There didn't appear to be a massive stocking as in years past when you could see schools of dumb trout milling around waiting to be caught. I did very well with a (guess what) partridge and olive SH. The rainbows were all BIG fish.

Now for the Swift - I guided from the Gauge Run down into Cady Lane yesterday and had to keep telling my two clients that the lack of a crowd down here was an abnormality. It's usually PACKED and we know why it isn't. It's the slim pickings down there compared to the month of May of past decades. But, do you know something? I LIKE IT BETTER!!!! It's not overpopulated with fly fishermen or with trash spewing bait fishermen. The place is actually cleaner this year!! Yesterday we saw only 4 other fly fishers in 6 hours. One of my guys had never fished with a fly before and his first fish was a 14 bow by the Gauge, then a bunch of native brookies by the Pipe and then a 16 inch brown taken on a size 20 thread emerger down by the lower Tree Pool. He's now a fly fisher!!!!!

There are fish there!! I've never seen the Pipe Run so loaded with brookies this early in the season. I spoke to Dr. Ken Simmonds of the Ma. DFW and he said that the DFW knows about this growing population. He said that the population has really taken off over the last 5 years and I agree. I hope it keeps growing.

We ended our guiding down at Cady Lane where we ran into a 300 lb + black bear which was perfect. All three of us were too dumbstruck to take a photo of course!!

Go Fish!!



Anonymous said...

I've been down to the pipe area a few times in the past few weeks and it seems almost peaceful. There are trout but not the crazy amount of springs past and I've caught some.

Anonymous said...

bet you must have been glad to see that the 300 lb bear didn't have a few little ones with it.

FWIW - according to their website, the Swift was stocked for the 7th time this past Friday since March 7. They say the stocked browns and the last time prior to that, May 3, they also stocked browns.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for today!! Went back down to the Bliss Pool, and it came alive with rising fish about 45 minutes later. Got 4 of them on top with the dry I still had on, and 2 more on a pheasant tail. Such an awesome place.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ken and everyone. Had a great day on the swift with my brother Brian. Started in Bondsville under the dam and worked our way back to the car both of is producing double digits. Tons of brookies taken on the swing with an olive SH. Then up to the y pool where we both were able to get into some nice swift bows i took one on a pheasant tail SH and another on a pheasant tail emerger with cdc wing and tan thorax for some contrast. Great day very glad i tried out bondsville.

Paul Fay

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for today. Went back down to the Bliss Pool and it came alive with rising fish about 45 minutes later. Got 4 of the on top with the dry I still had on and 2 more on a pheasant tail. Such an awesome place.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Good to see the reports from Bondsville and that you were swinging an olive SH. I should rename this site the "Soft Hackle Society".


Cubs were the first thing I scanned for. Wish I had taken a picture.


Peaceful is the word for it!!!


I just knew that place would come alive. I'm glad that you went back.


Quinneyfish said...


At the risk of exposing my naiveté I have tried the ware on two separate occasions. The first was when the flow was too high to wade. One spin caster near the bridge said he took a rainbow earlier. I tried a bit from the rocks but with no luck. I was there in the mid afternoon. Again yesterday around 3-4 pm water levels were wadeable but saw no fish. tried soft hackle and dry. No action. Would it be safe to assume 1) I am there at the wrong time of day? or 2) I am fishing the wrong areas? I love these posts and enjoy exploring the alternates to the Swift. Thanks

WrongDay said...

Ken, for those of us new to the Partridge and Olive, can you describe how you like to fish this fly? Do you cast upstream, sideways, or downstream? Do you add weight? Do you use it as a dropper? I tied some up last night, and would appreciate a little more info on how to fish it. Bill

Anonymous said...

Nightmare at the Millers:

On Saturday I went to the Millers for the first time. I drove for almost 2 hours and parked at Wendell Depot. There were about 6 or 7 cars, so I said to myself 'Great, it's going to be packed.' But it wasn't. It was beautiful. Nice water, no anglers on sight and backcasting room that resembled what my dreams looked like last Summer when I was in Philly and the only water I could easily access was a small stream surrounded by high bushes.

But soon things started to change. I got in the water and I noticed that it's dark color made it impossible for me to see my feet, even less what was on the bottom one foot ahead. I consider myself athletic and wading is never a problem, but this time I kept stumbling, so I decided to walk by the shore instead. Since there is no trail, that was impossible so I finally decided to get back on the water (It's hard to walk among the vegetation with at 8' stick.) I was about to cross a gap covered with shallow water but as soon as I put my right foot I sank above the knee. I fought trying to get out but all I managed was to also put my left foot underground. I turned left: No one. I turned right: No one. I love solitude when I'm fishing but this time I wish there was a crowd. I struggled for about half hour before deciding to ditch the waders and try to dig them instead of pulling. I dug for another 20 minutes and if I hadn't had to walk barefoot I would have just left the waders there.

After all the effort I finally managed to get them out. Finally! I drag my cover in mud body, washed myself as best as I could and decided to still give fishing a try. I caught a nice brown, hooked another one and landed a brookie, all in dry flies, all within half hour. My luck was starting to change. I saw a big rise, the kind that is too big to ignore. I took one step into the position I wanted to cast from. Another step. A third step. And then, I tripped and took a major bath. First time I really fall into a river and boy, it was epic. I'm just glad it wasn't in December or that a bear showed up. Next week I'll bring a hiking staff and an extra pair of pants.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Wrong Day Bill,

I fish it upstream and down and across mostly. Sometimes I use it as a dropper and sometimes I use a micro shot with it. My favorite way is swinging it down and across. No rocket science needed for this versatile fly.


Go back to my May 15 post for three sections on the Ware.

The Ware will start being an evening river very soon. Try it then.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Welcome to the Millers and always carry a wading staff!!!


Chris from Warwick said...

Nightmare at the Millers:

When I first started reading your posting I saw this: Millers for the first time

I didn't have to read the rest of the posting ( I did) because I knew exactly what you were going to tell us.

Ken said it spot on, always carry a wading staff. I'll go one more and add, even if it is your home water.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine fishing without my wading staff. too easy to slip and break something. They also serve as a hiking staff and I can imagine using it for self defense against angry animals too. Don't spend money on one. Mine is a replacement broom handle with a hole drilled through and some cheap cord fastened to it. It is super sturdy, quite light, and it floats - obviously. Had to stain it to make it look less like a ... broom handle.

Fished the Squannacook yesterday and things were quiet until about 7 PM and then somebody rang the dinner bell and trout were active for 45 minutes. Nailed a couple of nice rainbows but must admit I wasn't really ready for the very big one that pulled my hook off the line. Next time! A little of everything was going on insect wise. They were being picky but I eventually found they were partial to a Klinkhammer type thing with a grey body which I thought might duplicate an emerging caddis. I bought those Klinkhammers for fishing in Northern England (home of the soft hackle flies - spiders) last summer. They didn't work there for me, but maybe they work better here.