Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, June 10, 2016


Listen to the sound of the river and you will get a trout" - Irish proverb

Believe it or not this mid June weekend may be the BEST weekend of the year to hit the rivers. First, air temperatures out here in trout land will barely hit the mid 70's with lows at night in the 40's. That will keep the rivers cool which is what we want. Second, the rain earlier in the week brought everything back up to a good level. Even the Millers has behaved by staying within it's banks. It appears that the dam owners in Orange are playing with the flow so keep an I on it. The Millers fished great on Wednesday at Orcutt and the Bridge Street Pool.

The EB gauge is still down but don't worry about the conditions. They are perfect!!!! This cool weather may keep the sun worshipers down to a minimum and out of the Bliss Pool. Hit the EB after 4pm to avoid all of that.

The Swift - plenty of trout at the Y Pool and slim pickings for rainbows below rt 9. That's ok because I've been dancing with brook trout and the big browns that keep trying to cut in further down stream. Remember, it's not the size of the trout that counts. It's how and where you caught it that matters. The brookies of Cady Lane are the crown jewel of the Swift. Frankly, I haven't missed the big dump of rainbows and the circus that it creates this year. I don't care if they don't throw anymore bows into the Pipe area this year and not because the bows will hurt the brookies population which certainly hasn't happened. I just like the new found elbow room and still being able to catch trout. I would do anything to get that brown back that I lost Tuesday evening!!!

The Ware is fine!! Find the Church Street bridge in Ware about a 1/4 mile south of RT 32 as a starting point. Fish upstream or downstream and against the banks!!! Evenings will be good.

An added bonus - this cool weather is supposed to last right through to the end of NEXT WEEK. Play hooky next week!!



Bill/Tully said...

Enjoyed the video! And of course the Millers River. Have a successful,weekend!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

You too, Bill. Hope to see you around!


Anonymous said...


MB - very low water. Clear. 61F temp. Skunked at several bridges from ClarkWright downstream.

EB - drove to gate and fished below that. 30 min with #12 Partridge and Olive. Two trout including one photographed. 30 min with Sparkle Pupae. Two trout.

John Wait

Anonymous said...

Haha! Fished the Swift on Thursday from the Pipe to Cady Lane. Very lonely...I was the only one there! A great sulfur hatch kicked off around 1pm. Put on a yellow and partridge soft hackle and played with Brook trout the rest of the afternoon. It was a blast!

John Robinson said...

Heading out for stripers on Block Island, otherwise I would be at the EB! Thanks again Ken for all the info. Invaluable to me and many, many others.

- john

Aaron Kennedy said...

Nice video!! Love the Miller's


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Thank you for the update!


Did the Cady Lane section today. Nobody there. Good sized brookies. What else can I say!

I'll be doing stripers at Newburyport in July. Wish me luck!!

Thank you for liking the video and the Millers. I'll be there tomorrow!


Parachute Adams said...

Nice video, Ken. You and I are of a like mind with regard to trout fishing.

I hit the lower Swift tonight and nothing doing sub surface wise, but surface action was plenty good with the brook trout hitting the deer hair caddis I was tossing. A nice brown taken on same fly as I closed out the night.

One thing interesting to me is that the rainbows I was catching all winter long don't seem to be around anymore. I doubt all of them got caught and taken home so I wonder where they are.

Regards, Sam

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. Nice video Ken! Brian and I fished this same spot last tuesday with great success and many brookies. Did not run into any rainbows or browns however. Then upstream above rt 9 a few nice rainbows were worked out between the both of us all on ant dry flies. I would agree with one of your last statements on the video in regards to picking a fly and fishing it. I believe in good presentation with flies I know work. I would also like to share a great sulphur recipe with everyone as good hatches on the swift will start showing up. Now I know sulphurs are yellow and we see a lot of duns but if you pay attention to the type of rise forms that occur during these hatches you will notice splashy sub surface rises on emergimg nymphs. These nymphs(on the swift) are not yellow but dark brown or black even. I like to fish a dry emerger in size 20 for these events. First start with black thread 8/0 tie on just before the eye of the hook and work back to the just before the bend. Tie in a few strands of poly yarn or cdc about the length of the shank for shuck. Then tie in a single barb of pheasant tail (I cherry pick the darkest) at the bend and wrap forward to about 80% of the shank back towards the eye. After a couple half hitches here dub up a black thorax. finally a cdc wing. I tie angled forward like a mole fly but that's up to you. This fly really works very well on the swift. I would imagine a dark colored SH would do the trick as well but I love seeing fish check out my fly!

Paul Fay

Mike from Andover said...

Ken, enjoyed the video, and especially the sentiment behind it. Yesterday I made the trek out to the Chesterfield Gorge, out of the house at 5:15 and on the water at 7:30. Got one on a olive SH, two more on a red midge (my Swift river favorite) - NO BEADS. But is there anything better than seeing a 16" 'bow slowly rise, roll, and inhale a big stimulator on top? Got a couple and missed few more that way in the rain, before the T-storms chased me off the water about 12:30. Heading back, the rain had mostly subsided by the time I reached Erving. Saw the turn off for Bridge St. and decided to give it a try. Fish were rising all over the pool - turned out they were smallies, and they were being picky - no luck on an EHC, but a parachute BWO emerger got some interest and I landed a couple of decent ones along with some dinks. And it turns out there were TROUT in the mix at the head of the pool in the faster current, and they were also interested in the BWO. Got a 'bow and a couple browns, missed/lost a few others, before I had to head home at 3:30. Definitely icing on the cake, another great Millers River spot (thanks to your blog).

Michael Kimball said...

Hi Ken, I enjoy your blog and I decided to check out the Millers Bridge st Lower Pool this morning. This was a new section for me and I thoroughly enjoyed bringing 3- 6" small mouth bass to the net and then I pulled in a nice 18" Rainbow.
Thanks for the tips!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

WOW, two "Mikes" at the Bridge St. Pool. Very cool. I wanted to hit it on Saturday morning but the best place was taken. Another time. Thanks for the comment Mike Kimball and Mike from Andover!!


YellowstoneBound said...

Ken - you were spot on about this weekend. I fished the East Branch on Friday -- from about 9:30 to 5:00. Was one of those magic days where the rainbows couldn't resist a well placed stimulator. A few folks on the water, but, as usual, not many below the gate. got to say, however, this will have been the last time I'm taking my car down below the trustees parking lot. A few gnarly spots I'd prefer not to subject my very low car to again. I was very happy with the flow and temperature of the water. Hoping to go back this weekend. Then my thoughts must return to prepping for my annual trip to southern Alberta and hundreds of miles of wild cuttie streams!

Deerfieldflyrods said...

This above-represented post is all about fly fishing. I just liked your post. Useful for readers. Thank you too much.....

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Thank you. I'm intrigued by your rod design!