Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Back To The EB - Finally!!

"Fly Fishing is a collection of instants: moments when it either comes together with amazing perfection or goes horribly wrong" - John Gierach
It's been S-L-O-W-,Long time since I've guided and fished this river. The third week of June was the last time due to this worst drought in 60 years. I was told by the Ma DFW in mid October that the EB wasn't on the Fall stocking list but that may change. It changed this week when it got stocked with a lot of small browns which are very good for the soul. It's not how many fish that you catch or how big they are but how you catch them and in what surroundings you catch them in.

I really missed the Eb not because of 60 fish days but because of the environs that those days exist in. It is the most breath taking scenery to be found on a river in Massachusetts so on days that I catch nothing I'm happy because I'm in a good place. That really happens!

Today I guided Gary who had not fished the "EB" below the Gorge. We worked the Swimming Hole, the Bliss Pool and we caught into the double digits with most coming from the Bliss. Water temperatures were in the low 40's but we had a steady parade of BWO with the occasional rising fish. Remember, as long as the air temperatures get at or above 50 you will have BWO and an assortment of midges.

 We were the only ones there for three hours.

Fish the EB!!! It's a great river that had a hard season but the scenery which says "New England in October" will make it all worth while. With temperatures getting into the low 60's early in the week it's a good time to play some hooky before we set the clocks back and hunker down for Winter.



Parachute Adams said...

I am glad you and your client got into them, Ken. That picture of the stream with the fall colors is just beautiful. I am happy for the recent rain that led to nice flow in the EB.

I was fortunate to catch some beautiful brookies today, one of which was a dandy at 12" or so and was quite wide, almost hump backed. I waded the edges so as not to disturb their fall mission. All brookies released of course, but one kept hanging around my boots until I finally had to nudge it away and then it took off no worse for wear I trust.

Regards, Sam

Gary Cranson said...

I was told back in the spring by a tu guy that he was given 60 large browns by the state to put in the river somewhere around indian hollow. He also said that nobody at the outing caught any of those browns, just bows which were also stocked. I haven't been there since July but everything I caught downriver were bows, If those browns survived they are in there somewhere, time to put the hiking shoes on and visit the mountain men.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I'm really thankful that we got some rain and then some trout to go along with it. I had fun Friday getting some oversized brook trout in Fall colors!!


First I've heard of that. My guess is that if they survived the summer it would be in some place deep like Les's Pool. Maybe that's why that guy I met this Summer claimed to have landed a 4lb brown on a mouse pattern at Les's.


Terry said...

I was out during the spring on the EB and chatted with another TU guy who said the same thing. I was wading "somewhere" near bliss pool when I got sight of on of those browns. It was every bit of 22". I spent the last hour and a half working for that fish and missed. The big ones are in there if they made it through the summer!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

That person may have picked a bad Summer for that stoking!


Len said...

I fished the Millers on Sunday afternoon around South Royalston. The water is up a bit and was quite stained. I could barely see my foot in knee deep water. I ended up landing one brown on a prince nymph/egg dropper. It took the egg. Around 2pm there was a light bwo hatch. I tried streamers in the runs as well but no takers. Great weather.

The Eye on Harvard said...

I had the chance to fish the Swift Friday mid-day and take a two friends who had never fly fished before on Sunday. In the morning Partridge and orange (sz14 & 16) were irresistible to to the brookies, and egg patterns got the rainbows excited. After noon however breakfast was off the menu and no takers for eggs, but an olive version of your meatball on on a size 12 hook was what the big bows wanted for afternoon snack - almost all were in the "skinny water" on the swing. Thanks for reminding me Ken not to forget about fishing all the water even if its ankle deep.


Anonymous said...

Hello all, I have never been at the EB even though I've wanted to try it for over a year. Not knowing where to go has been the main deterrent as I see the names of the pools but I have no idea where to park or what to put on the GPS to access those areas. If anybody has any suggestions that would be awesome. Thanks.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


The Millers has been bouncing around all weekend. It does that a lot at this time of year.


An olive meatball! Call it a pesto meatball and it's yours!!


No GPS there

Look up the "Trustees of Reservation, Chesterfield Gorge" for the location

Drive down the dirt road and park at the pull offs to fish. You can drive 1.5 miles before you hit a gate.

To get an insiders view hire a guide (ME)