Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Millers Is Alive So Brady Can Wait And Open Dates

Remember, fairness is a human idea largely unknown in nature" - John Gierach

Note: The WARE River got stocked Tuesday 10/11

I waited way too long for this weekend. Because of this drought I hadn't wet a line or guided anyone on the Millers since mid June and I really missed the place. But then the water began to cool down and the flow actually went up most likely due to some lake draw down in Winchendon. It got up to the 90 to 100 cfs range last week and stayed there. I wrote about how the Millers has enough water for a stocking and the DFW came through on Friday.

The Fishing - Saturday was good down at the Bridge Street Pool but dead as a door nail at Orcutt. Ditto for the Kempfield section.

Sunday was totally different. Bridge Street was loaded with willing trout but Orcutt was as good as it's ever been. The empty spots on Saturday were full of trout on Sunday. I've seen this happen with Fall stocked fish before especially on the EB. They will stay together as a school but that school will move around. Find the school and all hell breaks loose. Don't find the school and you may be blanked. Get a good rain and the school breaks up.

All told my client Scott landed about two dozen dark chunky bows and missed as many. The same thing for former clients Alex and Mikaela. I will not tell you what we used except it was a variety of flies some working better than others but all were presented on the swing after a nice, long cast. No broomstick presentations thank you!!

We had a steady, hard drizzle for the entire trip with temperatures dropping into the low 50's by mid afternoon.BTW,the water temperature stayed within the 56 to 58 degree range on both days making it equal to the Farmington River this weekend if Upcountry's site is correct and the Millers had a better flow too! Blue Wing Olives were popping up throughout the day with some scattered rises here and there. The sugar maples along the river were in full color. On the way home I remembered that the Patriots were playing the lowly browns and turned the radio on at the half. Brady had a good start to the game but I'd rather spend the day bending fly rods!!!


P.S. Because of cancellations I have 2 open dates on Saturday 10/15 and Friday 10/21. First come, first served. Full or half day. They will book quickly. Just email me and it's yours. Ken 10/12 - 10/15 is booked


Anonymous said...


It'd really good to see this freestone fishing well this Fall. I'll have to go out!!


Scott Lauder said...

was a great day for fishing. Have not had that much fun on the water in a long time. Who knew that one rise was a signal that the school was there!


tincup said...

going to head west tomorrow should I just hit the swift with the stocking last week more fish spread out since it was stocked twice or should I hit orange and the holtshire road orcutt pool And I am glad I was wrong with the info I got but it was close with the flow.. Thanks

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I totally agree!


What a day!! How's it feel to be a rock star???


Head west young man, head west!!!


ReggiePearse said...

I had a fun afternoon at the Orcutt pool. Thanks for the heads up, Ken.

Alex B said...

What a great day out there, good seeing you again Ken! Can't wait for this work week to end so I can get out there again ASAP!!

Erik said...

Hi Ken. I have been fishing the upper section of the Bears Den just below South Royalston for the past month. The time on the river has been great, but I have been having very limited success. Sometimes 1 brown, sometimes none. Any suggestions for this time of year. Should I just give up on this section. I really like the solitude and the short runs. I am Tenkara 100% of the time and typically use size 16 partridge/orange or olive/partridge on the swing. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. I am beginning to think there are no fish, but realize that it must be me.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


It has been a very hard summer on the freestones this year. The Bears Den suffered with low flows and you can congratulate yourself because you did catch browns.

Try the lower CR down in Wendell. Plenty of fish this Fall.


Jaime said...

Ken, given that fewer waters were stocked this fall, is there any indication that the waters that were stocked were allocated a lot more fish?

Millers River Flyfisher said...


They are still stocking with the Ware and the Quabog stocked Tuesday 10/11.


Bill/Tully said...

Millers River Trout Unlimited is assisting more stocking tomorrow in the usual places.

Anonymous said...


I spent the afternoon on the Quabog today. I was curious when they said they stocked on 10/11. Checked out many runs from Palmer to Warren on Rt. 67. Very sad to report the river is much more like a babbling brook, with many boulders high and dry all over. Folks I talked to said they haven't seen it this bad in many, many years.

It was easy to determine they couldn't have stocked the usual fast runs. There's simply no real water there. They did hit the usual bridges with pools. Checked one out on Rt. 67 -- looked over the bridge and there they were..... pods of cruising Bows. Water is shallow (guessing no more than 5-6 feet in deepest spot), and helped out a lot by a new downstream beaver dam that backed up the water. The was no perceptible flow in the pool..... more of a trickle of water going over the beaver dam.

In any event, the Bows are there...usual very nice chunkbows. They loved the simple wooly bugger. One day after stocking and their selectivity is non-existent; so I was in my element :) All released with a lecture to smarten up and stay away from the egret cruising close by....

I guess it's nice that they threw some trout into the Quabog for locals and folks that love that river.

But the trout and us are all praying for that consistent rain that will change the game.

PatriotsThunder (Jim)

Anonymous said...


I drove over the Ware tonight on route 181 and it didn't look too bad. At least it looked better than it did prior to Sunday's rain. Next time out I will give it a try. If I just catch smallies that would be fine with me.

I hit the lower Swift tonight and caught a couple of nice brook trout on a scud. Nothing doing with the rainbows and browns.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Thank you for the tip!

Jim and Sam,

Thanks for the Ware and Quabog reports. Guys like you two and Bill from Tully are what sets THIS BLOG apart from the others that are out there. Thank you!!!


Parachute Adams said...

Thank you for this blog, Ken. It is good to read your informational posts, and to read and share information with like minded fly fishermen who also post and comment. It is the best kind of fishing there is if you ask me.

Regards, Sam

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Thank you!