Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I Hate March And Passing the Million Mark

March Madness does not apply to college basketball but to being house bound during miserable March weather.  - Ken Elmer

March sucks!! It bombs you with snow, teases you with a nice day or two and then dumps you into the deep freeze. Thats why I've been in Florida since March 1st. 70 and 80 degree days and lots of fishing. Snook, bluefish, Pompano, Spanish Mackerel all fell for the fly and made it to the grill. Lots of good micro breweries to stay hydrated on the warm days. Yes, I did check the weather for central Massachusetts. Not so nice it appears!!!

I will be back within 24 hours with plans to do it again next year!

Google says that this blog is approaching 1 MILLION page views but they made a mistake. They started counting in July of 2010 BUT this blog has been cranking since October 2007. So I did some counting and it appears that this blog passed 1 million in early 2016!!!! This is an achievement because the first two years were slim pickings because I was the only one covering Central/Western Ma. and there was no other blog to help build traffic. The truth is it's you folks who built the numbers and I appreciate it. Thank You!!!!!!

Still booking at a good pace and have a number of evening slots available.

Grab one!!



Hibernation said...

Congrats on the blog Ken - it's a fun one, you have done great work with it for the fishing community. THANK YOU!

FL is awesome to fish :). Ill be there in several weeks and cant wait for that first crashing take from a snook/pompano/red/ladyfish/Jack or whatever chooses to attack a streamer on my first outing. Good to see you had a blast.

Managed to have the Y pool to myself yesterday evening which was awesome despite the dumping rain. The fun part though was catching a bunch of bow's on big ugly streamers, the best being a #1 black and olive rabbit strip monstrosity I was dredging with despite the steady sippers eating midge pupae in the film. I didnt feel like going that small, was to cold to have tied those things on regardless and so went the opposite way and it was so so so fun :)

You will come home to a better water table, but cool and damp conditions... In other words, a normal New England spring...

tincup said...

Glad u made it down and had success, but knew u would. Missed it this year with a new granddaughter, so I kept busy doing the kitchen over. A million brownie points so I will be fishing my brains out once the weather cooperates. Congrads on a great website which is always filled with information both by you and readers alike. You picked the right coast because friends have told me the west side hasn't been very good.

John Clark said...

John Clark

Maybe someday soon you can retire there.

lenny tamule said...

Maybe this will make you feel better about March... took multiple trout on the swing far from stocking areas. And March is over!


Parachute Adams said...

March has been tough around here, Ken. Glad you made your way to warmer climes in Florida and caught fish for the grill. Can't beat that. Hopefully by the time you get back it will start to warm up a tad, though they are calling for a wintry mess on Friday.

I am very much enjoying reading the Vincent Marinaro book, Modern Dry Fly Code. Great stories about the limestone streams back in the day, along with fishing and tying strategies that are timeless.

Congratulations on all the views of your web site. You do a great job, and its success doesn't surprise me a bit.

Best, Sam

Millers River Flyfisher said...

March is the perfect time to get to someplace warm. You leave in winter and come home in Spring!!! I'll be on the streams this weekend.


Mark Boudrieau said...

Congrats on passing the million mark. I know I always come to this blog every 2-3 days hoping for a new posting!


Len said...

Is it too late to change your flight to Monday? This weekend's weather forecast looks like a real April Fools.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Thank you! 2 to 3 posts a week, all original!!!!


I'd love to but......


Camilo Santana said...

Congrats Ken

Anonymous said...


I noticed a note on your blog an offer to get The Fly Fishers Guide to the Millers River for free. I would love a copy.