Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, April 14, 2017

Time To Fish - Do it!

The Ware River - No other blog can tell you about it!!

Now is the time. Most rivers and streams have been stocked (except for the Millers and and a few others as of 5/13, the Millers being way to high to stock) and the weather is going to be grand over the weekend into next week. The Ware has fish and we had them on but couldn't land them and the major and minor rivers in western Massachusetts got fish this week. The Squannacook and the Quinnie also got theirs. I'll be heading out west of the Connecticut River and fishing Williamsburg's Mill River and then hitting the MB of the Westfield the same day. I can't wait. Try to fish a place that is new to you and you will not regret the experience. For those that enjoy the thin blue line experience Try Willard Brook and Locke Brook in Ashby. I fished the latter 5 decades ago and caught native brookies in a very remote setting.

Try to fish this weekend. I saw hundreds of caddis on the Ware today!!!

Go Fish!!!



Anonymous said...

Lot of caddis and stoneflies on the Bondsville Swift too tonight, Ken. There were a few trout rising, but nothing like last night. One beautiful brookie netted on a elk hair caddis and a nice fish of some type broke off on a sub-surface pheasant tail nymph. What a beautiful night to be out.

Best Regards and Happy Easter,


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Happy Easter to you too!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ken,
I fished the Squanny today for a couple hours and caught a few brookies. Most were caught nymphing and dead drifting a soft hackle but I did get a few swinging a large wooly bugger (which was fun!). I want to head out west and enjoy the great sights and fish so bad but I'm bogged with some home improvement work tomorrow and I have to get back to school after. Oh well, its still early in the season and by the looks of it, we have a good one to look forward to. I fished the Squanny exactly a year ago today and its so hard to believe how much higher and colder it is compared to last year!
P.S. I have fished Willard Brook and its got an awesome blue line feel to it. Its a little bit of the White Mountains only 40 mins away from my house!

millerbrown said...


Good to hear from you.

Glad that the Sqannacook is back to "normal" and that you did well!!