Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, July 31, 2017

An Announcement And A Sunday Morning below the Pipe

"Work: a dangerous disorder affecting high public functionaries who want to go fishing" Ambrose Bierce

First off - as some or many of you know I've been guiding fly fishers for about ten years through central and western Massachusetts. Some of you also know that my guiding has been a part-time endeavor, sandwiched between a day job that I like, and my guiding which I love.

That all ends September 1, when I officially RETIRE from my position of Director of Business Development  and become a FULL TIME GUIDE!!! Now, instead of limiting trips to Friday through Sunday and evenings I can and WILL guide every day of the week. And this is just in time for the Fall season where, over the years, I had to turn away business because I didn't have the time.  Now I do and if you want a 3 or 6 hour trip just contact me.  Book now for September, October and November because they always book quickly.

I think it's going to be a great Autumn on our rivers!!

Sunday morning broke clear and almost chilly (56 degrees) as I pulled into the Pipe Lot to meet my friend Gary, the Admiral of the Westfield, for an introduction to the Swift. First off, he hits three bows with his beetle imitation. I switch to a size 18 snowshoe hare emerger (such a good fly here) and take a 16 inch bow that plucked it off the surface and then two brookies. Gary is amazed at the amount of trout here. I said you should of been here last year or the year before that but then he would of seen many more anglers. There is nobody fishing there but the fish are there.

Snowshoe hare easy to work with if you know which end of the foot to use.  Prime fir is between the toes and on what I call the "heel" of the foot.  This stuff doesn't sink. The smooth fir on the top of the foot can't make that claim.

In two months the brookies will begin their march up through the Swift River and the bows and browns will be close behind. We still have two months of Summer fishing but.........



Parachute Adams said...

Ken, congrats on your upcoming retirement. I hope to follow suit in about 4 years.

Truthfully, while I am working these days my mind drifts off to the last trout I had tight or what flies might work my next time out if I got skunked last time out.

I could not be happier for you and wish you a long and healthy retirement doing what you love to do, fly fishing and guiding.

Best, Sam

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Thank you Sam, from one dry fly guy to another!!!


John Crawley said...

Congratulations on your work/life change, Ken. Life is good.

Anonymous said...


Good move!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your retirement. Best decision I made two years ago! Now I fish the weekdays and let the working stiffs fish the weekends.

Johnson From Accounting said...

Congrats, Ken. And nice fly!

Anonymous said...


Hearty congrats on your retirement. Long careers take a lot of dedication, but when the day comes to start your second life, that's special. And guiding full time - very cool. Keep up the great work, very much appreciated and see you on the river someday.

Jim M

Hibernation said...

Ken -

Congratulations on reaching retirement, and perhaps more so, on living a good life so you can do it healthy and ready for a new adventure... I guess in your case, an expanded adventure.

Good luck on the full time guiding!


Deerfield Fly Shop said...

Congratulations on your retirement Ken. It's been a good year and I agree the fall is going to be very good this year. Good luck!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Mike at Deerfield,

Thank you so much! I beat the drum for your shop every chance I get because the Pioneer Valley NEEDS a CENTER. You will do well!


Millers River Flyfisher said...

Johnson from Accounting, Jim M and Will,

Thank you so much!! I would love to see you guys on our rivers someday. I'm the tall guy with the fedora.


Dalton Jones said...

Congrats on your retirement! Tight lines and hope to see you out on a river somewhere soon if not I may just have to book a trip!

tincup said...

ken I know we shared this I know many people who back out DONT I have a real good cigar for you and an opening on the boat. Bottle of white a bottle red Perhaps a bottle of rose instead. We can find a pool on the swift or millers maybe I'll meet you at a dock for a day of fishing as life should be, one you have earned an enjoy forever. (Few lines stolen from Billy Joel) Keep a few days open for salt. Fishing has been really good only dawn dusk for big fish but been really good when one can get out. Congrads on your life change

Ashutosh Rao said...

Congrats on your upcoming retirement Ken! I look forward to seeing more reports in the future. Did you get a chance to hit bondsville yet?

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I'm keeping days open for you, friend. we should find some time to hit the Millers in October!!!!!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Thank you and I should hit Bondsville tomorrow. BTW, good blog!!!


hockey_dad said...

Ken- good luck with your retirement. Thanks for letting us know. Sounds like you are well prepared to step into a new phase your life which in my view is very important. A purpose is very important as we move to different phases in life and you certainly have one.

Joe M. said...

Ken: Congratulations on your retirement. I enjoyed your guiding me on a few occasions and witnessed first hand your
passion for the sport.
Ken,I will be visiting Royalton again in a few weeks and expect to stay for a few months before heading back
to Tampa.
Is the Millers fishable at this time or is the water temp to high?
Joe Migliozzi

DS said...

@ Joe M. I visited Bearsden on Sunday afternoon and water was approaching 80 degrees. A couple small fallfish were hitting dries. We didn't spend much time there. The trout are somewhere, but the water temp is very high. And congratulations on your retirement Ken.

Bob O said...

WTG Ken. Congrats on full time guiding.
The brookies seem to have already commenced their advance. They will only be more earnest as the Swift's season advances. Hoppers and terrestials now coming into play as well as standard EHCs.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bob O,

Thank you and really good to hear from you!!!!!!