Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, July 7, 2017

Weekend Update, A Bad Day And A Lost Rod Found

"Lawyers are like nuclear weapons. By all rights they shouldn't exist, but if some people have them, then you'd better have one too, just in case" - John Gierach

First, a lost rod that was posted on this blog was REUNITED with it's owner within 24 hours.

Now, this was a complete rod owned by someone who fell in, I guess. What happens more often is the person who loses a rod segment and this is avoided by doing the following: Don't break your rod down at the stream and then walk back to your vehicle. That's how sections are lost!!! Keep your rod together and stringed up until your back to the vehicle. YOU WILL NOT LOOSE ANYTHING!!! Also, string your rod up at the car before you walk. I knew of one guy who couldn't wait to claim his spot at the Pipe and carried all four sections down the path and then lost a lot of time looking for a lost section!! Also, when you are back at the vehicle the first thing you do is breakdown your rod and put it away. Don't put it on the roof to do later because you will forget and it will end up getting run over!! It happened to me years ago and it happens to anglers every year!

The above photo is of a bad day gone really bad. Someone down at the Pipe got tangled up in a tree and had to CUT his fly line to get out of there. I hope that doesn't happen again due to the price of fly lines!!!

This weekend - Even though they seem to be playing with the flow the Millers will do well in the VERY early morning and in the evening especially if it's cloudy. The EB and the WB will be the same as well as the Ware. We could actually use a little rain (can't believe I said that) that is wide spread instead of a deluge here and no rain there.

As for me - I'll be at Plum Island in Newburyport for a week chasing stripers and blues and whatever but keeping an eye on our rivers and accepting reports from you readers.

Remember, summer evenings are great on the Millers and the EB of the Westfield. In three hours I can show you a lot of water and get into some rising fish. Ditto for the Swift! After July 15 I have some slots ready to claim right through August.

See you soon!



joe smith said...

Heading to the Cape this weekend. Is there such a thing as a river down there that holds trout, or is it all the stocked pond stuff. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks - Joe.

hockey_dad said...

Hi Ken- followed your advice and got to one of our freestoners early to try and beat the summer heat. I left my house at 3:30 to get to the mainstem of the Westfield and be on the water by 5:30. Unlike you I don't live 40 minutes from the best rivers in the state - maybe I should fix that !Water levels were good - I could wade just about anywhere but you have to watch out because that river gets deep quick. It was slow and then downstream I was hearing and seeing splashes, so I moved in that direction and there was hatch of some sort going on I had one on - I believe it was a rainbow- using a Blue Winged Olive but I knew I needed to identify what the fish were going after. As I was retrieving my fly I noticed another winged black bug that was actually attached to my fly. I tried to get the fly into one of my fly boxes but it flew away. The rises and splashes were still going on but I had the wrong fly !. I went back to the car and it was covered with the black winged bugs and now I was able to get one.

I went over to B&G sports and though he didn't like me bringing the bug in the store he was able to identify it - winged black ant. I bought 4 in 2 sizes but by this time the rain had really started to come in and I was worried that the rain was going to hurt the fishing and of course it did. I only saw one rise when I went back to that same spot and had no hits also I could sense the river was rising a lot and got a bit concerned. I tried another spot and had one on immediately but he got off in the fast water - now I had the right fly. I was starting to feel the effects of getting up at 3:00am and knew I had a 90 minute drive home but I kept at it and on my last cast I got a nice rainbow on the black ant - saved the day and I learned a few things. Also, I saw 1 other fisherman in 6 hours - solitude !

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Go to the DFW trout stocking page and check out the stocked rivers of the Southeast district. Many are on the Cape or go striper fishing instead.

Never forget the ants


Parachute Adams said...

Great effort Hockey Dad! I enjoyed reading your story and am glad you connected before the serious rain set in. Thanks for the reminder to put a few ants in my fly box.

Regards, Sam

hockey_dad said...

Thanks Sam. The Flying Black Ants were a new experience for me but that is one of the reasons we are out there; to try and learn a few things about fly fishing. Seeing them all over the car and then being able to identify them was key.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken I just wanted to say thank you for having your blog because this is how a guy from Leeds Massachusetts meets a guy from Manchester New Hampshire who found his flyrod in the river Wednesday evening. I did take a fall at 9:15 PM and lost my ride and my cell phone was fortunate that Joe found my rod.

Anonymous said...

Good blog, hooks people up. Tom, we'll do deerfield in the next couple of weeks. Maybe this Monday i can sneak down to the millers late? Talk to you soon, Joe.

Ken, thanks for the blog.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

You are welcome!!! We reunite a lot of folks with their gear!!