Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The "Gorge Pool" of the Millers River

The "Gorge Pool" on the Bears Den section of the Millers River can be considered "storied", a place on this river that has a history that goes back beyond the pre-war years (that's world war 2). If you pay a visit to it now you will see a recent sign on a tree that calls the pool by another name. This is a well meaning but sad attempt to erase some local lore. Just ask Rodney Flagg of Flagg's Flies in Orange. He will tell you that this wonderful pool was known as the Gorge Pool a full 60 years ago when he first fished it. Diddo for Bob Rouleau who passed away in March of '08. He told me that this pool was called the Gorge Pool back in the '30's. Enough said. It's the Gorge Pool regardless of what some newbies say.
Actually it's really two pools, one after the other. Both have turbulent water at their heads and then slow deep water through the rest of the run. I lost my biggest Millers trout on the upper pool a few years ago. It broke a 3 or 4x tippet in a flash!! It has always been productive especially last year when one brown after another came to the net at dusk on a number of summer evenings. I can also say that unless I guided someone here I have had the place to myself!! That's the magic of the Gorge Pool. It's a bit of a walk from where you may park your car but it is well worth it.
See You There!!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see someone is keeping the river history alive!!!!