Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Hemlock Pool On The East Branch

This is a spot that almost made me go back on my"fish and tell" philosophy. Someone told me about the "Hemlock Pool" on the East Branch of the Westfield. It was "way down river" as the story went. I had a good idea of a pool that fit the description and had actually posted a photo last August of someone fishing what might be this place while I was hiking through the area. So last Saturday, in the heat of mid-day, I threw on some swimming trucks and grabbed my 4wt and headed out to really "find" the place. I did, hemlocks and all!!! I also found rising trout and landed two, a brown and a rainbow all in 85 degree heat. I went back Monday evening, fished for a half hour and broke off a large trout that came up for my ant imitation.
This is a classic pool, long and deep, with a great set of riffles at the head. Casting is easy and the dry fly floats are long and drag free. It is truly a great place.
Now, I feel confident that there will not be a traffic jam of anglers at this spot because it is a BRISK 20 minute walk from the gate. That's 40 minutes of traveling time which will cut into your evening fishing. Daytime in the Fall should be great there. With it's size this spot can easily accomodate 3 or 4 anglers.
BTW, all the trout swam away quickly, no ill effects.
If you like to hike try the Hemlock Pool.
Now, there's a huge gorge even further downstream. I've seen it but haven't fished it. Soon...


Jackson said...

ive heard great things about some of the pools further down. i've heard of one called something like "the beaver dam pool" or the beaver pool or something along those lines that is supposed to be pretty epic.

Anonymous said...


I thought that your honesty of describing great pools was a wonderful idea, that is until you decided to name my favorite pool on the EB. I didn't know a name for it, but I certainly have enjoyed the place and its solitude. You are right, the hike will keep many folks away, but it is worth the effort. Last year, I landed a 22 inch rainbow there. Returned her to the deep water, I'm sure she's still there.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


When I published the Millers Guide some people thought I was naming too many favorite places. They were my favorite places too but the crowds never really materialized as some people thought. If anything the Guide actually spread out the traffic on the river. I wrote extensively on the Millers Gorge Pool, as long and deep as the Hemlock Pool and as remote. A few have gone there but it's still a great lonely place. I think it always will be.

Back in 2002 the State backtracked on their promise to stock browns in the Millers. It was a one man show to get those browns back into the river because there just wasn't enough anglers out there to voice concern. Now there is because the Millers has some friends. The more people who fish a river and enjoy the experience the more protected the river is.

Trust me on this.

Sounds like a nice fish!!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I enjoy your reports and photos and that I now know the name of this pool. I fished it the first time this spring and I look forward to fishing it again. I wonder what it's like in the fall...