Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Two Short Trips To The East Branch

I decided to play it fast and loose on the Westfield on the 6th of August. Out came this 6ft bamboo matched to a 3wt line. It had done well in AA ball (small brooks) and got the side out in AAA on an excursion to the Swift. But now it was big league time. Could it handle the 30ft+ casts needed for a dry fly presentation. the answer: Nope!! this rod casts the 3wt like a rocket
but you can't play the trout at all. I was about to land a 'bow when I realized the butt of my leader was already wrapped onto the reel. A nice small stream rod but not major league.
Saturday Morning - worked a stretch below the Bliss Pool for two hours starting at 7:30. I would have gotten there earlier if it wasn't for the 15 inning nightmare against the Yankees the night before. Caught two and broke off two working dries through the water pictured in the photo above. It is interesting to note that the morning sun doesn't hit a lot of promising water until late in the AM. At 9:30am I had a water temp of 58 degrees. Not bad for the 8th of August.
Off to the Millers tomorrow, I hope!!
P.S. the photo above is of the 6ft. cutey that was out of it's league. The other is of a early morning on the east branch.

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Anonymous said...

Fished upper trestle pool last night 5pm to 8.30pm (Aug 8th)on the Millers. Water was still pretty fast, but fishable. Highsticked some weighted PT nymphs and caught mostly smallies, but eventually landed a nice fat Miller's brown. If I had a hook in my orange putty strike indicator I would have caught 6 more fish - they couldn't resist it, even taking it under water once. My buddy hooked a nice Rainbow on a dry fly right as we finished up. So despite the tough wading conditions and all the SMBs, it was a good time.