Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, September 18, 2009

Early Autumn On The Westfield

You can see and feel the change. Gone are the hot evenings where one will wade wet because of the heat and humidity. Gone is the light in the sky at 8:30 that makes it easy to see your tiny dry offering as it glides down through that perfect run. Dusk is here at 7pm and so is that slight chill that fills the air. One look at the streamside or up along the ridges will show the occasional tree that is changing too. Summer is waving goodbye. There will be a hot day or three within the next few weeks but Autumn is already claiming the valleys and the rivers that flow through them. It is a time of change. I knew that Wednesday evening as I paid a repeat visit to the East Branch of the Westfield at Chesterfield Gorge. Among the other things that I noticed was that I was alone on this river for the second straight evening. Maybe my flyfishing brothers/sisters will be found during mid day which should produce great angling through September and October. I hope so!
The results of this outing: two rainbows at Slant Rock and one at the head of the Bliss Pool. All on #16 olive parachutes. I decided to pass up the Swimming Hole (mentioned in the last post) and went upstream to the first turn-off below the Trustees parking lot. This spot is fished by people who are new to the Gorge and seldom fished by people who know the Gorge. I like this spot! I caught my first EB trout here and I've found the calm, flat water just upstream to be a nice place to float a dry fly. That belief was re-enforced by the 'bow that broke me off. It was then that I tied on the stimulator that I found on the previous trip and began to work the fast water at the tail of this section. One good swipe was all I could get as darkness fell.
There once was a time, in the heat of Summer, that I begged for Autumn. September is my favorite month - temps in the 60-70's, no bugs - but I know what's just around the corner. I'll make the best of these next eight weeks before I'm bundled up while plying the Swift and the Farmington through the "dark months' or working the tying bench and dreaming of Hendricksons.
Time is short! Flyfish if you can.


Anonymous said...

Have you given up on the millers for the season. Digger10r

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Nope, I'll be there this evening.

BobO said...

Thanks for the taste of fall. One of my favorite seasons. I was in the Swift till dusk tonight (which came way too early). I was off the water a little after 7. Still air, warm, with the smell of fallen leaves crunching under foot. Brought one to the net, lost one one the jump which cleared the water five times before me, one broke off (bad knot) and one tore off 50 feet downstream till the line went limp. I love this season - if only the evening would last a little longer...