Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Millers And The Westfield - An Update

It probably can't get any better on the Millers right now. The browns are in and with the holdover browns that we have been catching a great Spring and Summer are in store as long as the flow levels stay reasonable. The surface action has been great this month which is an added bonus since May has always been "average" on this river as far as dry fly fishing is concerned.

The Westfield - I know that the EB gets a big slug of 'bows a few days before TU's weekend jamboree but I decided to check the place out anyway Sunday morning. The Gorge seemed empty which leads one to believe that angling was not up to the usual standard. But I was on a mission to get those quill body drys that I tied up this winter off my brain. As it turned out I began to see the occasional rise from the Bliss Pool. Six trout came to the fly and I landed three in the two and a half hours that I fished. It was great watching those #16 drys gliding back towards me with the occasional 'bow rising from the depths to make contact!!

That's dry fly fishing!!!!!!



Pete said...

Hey Ken, I'll be working in the Pittsfield area on Friday and thought I might give the EB a shot. You've mentioned the Bliss pool a number of times. Can you describe how to get there? I know how to find the Gorge.
Btw, when do they put those trout in?

Millers River Flyfisher said...


If you know where the Gorge is then just drive SLOWLY down the dirt road for about a half mile until you see a sign that says BLISS STATE FOREST.
The pool is on the left.


browntrout said...

I have heard from a VERY reliable source that the state did a terrible job stocking the gorge this spring due to several issues including; 1) bad road conditions early in the month due to rains of April 2)deadfall and most importantly 3) simple laziness.
Most years there has been a group of guys that keep a keen eye on the state and how well they stock and how much. They even donate their time and energy by helping to appropriately spread out t he fish rather than the state style of dump and run.
Several reports I have heard all state the same thing, disappointing spring there with very few fish to show for it.

I would urge anyone with concerns or interest in fishing the gorge to call the state and request additional stockings be done

If every body does this they may comply otherwise don't complain when you make the trip mostly for not.

Adrians Blog said...

@ browntrout, thats a shame. I was wondering the same thing when I fished the middle branch in the past 2 weeks. Plenty of trout in a few places but some places were barren which usually have good numbers of fish. I hope that isn't the case for the middle branch and it was just me. Hopefully, something is done to re mediate the situation, I am headed to the East Branch in less that 2 weeks time for a father/sons annual spring fishing trip for a few days. Cheers,


browntrout said...

Adrian and I mentioned your best course of action is to call the number provided and let them know your disappointment in the allotment of fish and stocking frequency provided this year as opposed to years past. Lets remember it's our money that should but has not been NOT here and we have a right to tell them so. If enough feedback is given, they should comply with additional stockings. be

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Over the years the DFW have made a big deal over their stocking of the Gorge area a FEW DAYS BEFORE THE TU INDIAN HOLLOW EVENT which is held on the third weekend in May. Last year fishing in the Gorge was very sub par BEFORE Indian Hollow. I brought this up to the head of the hatchery system who said that he thought that the area had been stocked sooner. The Town of Chesterfield does close the road through April which would hamper any stocking.

I can say that after two successful outings (Sunday and today) that the Gorge has plenty of trout. Maybe a week ago it didn't but now it does. I still feel that it doesn't get much during April and that may be because of the road closing OR just because they want to stock late to make the TU crowd happy.


Cluster said...

I fished the EB this afternoon for a few hours. Tried some new techniques. Seemed decently stocked. Mostly fished the bliss pool. Definitely alot of fish in there. caught them on softhackles mostly. I was hoping for a sulphur hatch but it never came while I was there. Somewhat decent tan caddis. sporatic rising. Caught some on emergers and beetles as well. After having my fill of the bliss pool I tried some of the riffly/pocket water down stream and it seemed like there weren't many fish in that area yet. My impression was the major pools had gotten fish but they hadn't spread out much yet and or more stocking for the other areas just hasnt happened yet.

Oh and I got about 6 or 7 in the bliss pool and lost another 3-4. Also missed the hookset on way too many.

I enjoy the EB.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I think we need some rain to move those EB trout around. BTW, the Millers is very good right now.