Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB
Fly Fishing The Millers - With over 30 years of fly fishing this river I will claim more knowledge and fish caught than anyone. There are over 40 miles of river and I will take you to the best sections and if you want to sections that never see another angler. Don't be fooled by those who say the Millers is a Spring and Fall river. I'll show you how to have great Summer action. The "EB of the Westfield" - Wild and beautiful is the only way to describe this river. There's a lot of water here but I know where to go to catch trout. After a trip you will too!! Solitude and trout IS the EB. The Swift - 20 trout days are not uncommon on this river if you know what to do and use. I'll show the way and you catch the trout. RATES - Full Day (6 hours) = $150.00 for one, $225 for two (lunch included). Half Day (three hours) $90.00 for one, $155.00 for two. Beginners Class - 3 hours ffor $90.00, all use of rods lines, reels included.

Friday, October 8, 2010

What They Are Rising To...

Here's a short post. I was fishing the pipe section, catching a few, while watching a local fish hawk hammer one 'bow after another. The fish are there. Sometimes we will wonder what the trout are after when we see the surface action which was evident. Well, a good indicator can be found on the new leaf deflector panels that the DFW have installed a few feet from the intake building above the pipe. (the photo is an old one, minus the leaf deflector panels) The panels are just a few feet into the current.

The panels are made of pexiglass which seem attract mayflies. On an early Thursday evening (yesterday) the panels were covered with blue wing olives duns running about a size 20. And I mean COVERED!!

There you go!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken. I'm a regular follower of this blog. It's a real asset to flyfisherman in this area.

Anyone know how Bearsden's been fishing?

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Thanks for the good words!!

The Bearsden - I haven't heard a report for this Fall. I would guess that the South Royalston section got an October stocking but I could be wrong.


Millers River Flyfisher said...

Correction - South Royalston IS NOT on the Fall stocking list.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken.
I'll give it a go Monday and take in the rustic charm.
I'll let you know if the trout are obliging.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I hope that you take in more than the "rustic charm". Let us know how you did.

JEC said...

Ann and I had a crack of noon start at the lower C&R section yesterday. Beautiful day to be sure. We had some sporadic mayfly activity in the early afternoon above the RR bridges All in all things were a bit slow but we did manage a three fish, a couple 'bows and one beefy kype-jawed brown that I dredged out of a deep run with a dropshot nymph rig.

Anonymous said...


Was the millers stocked in Orange? if so, is below the dam a good spot to fish?

Also, what about the section right above the old Railroad bridge (pete and marys restaurant, I think?). Some great water there. Wondering if that has been stocked...thanks!!!

MDH said...

After a great morning on the Swift Monday, fished the Bearsden for about 3 hours in the afternoon, till 5:30. Saw 4 other fishermen there - no one had so much as a hit, and not a single rise to be seen. Despite that the browns survived downstream aways, it looks sadly that the summer took a horrible toll and the Bearsden is barren until it is restocked. Hope there is someone out there to say it ain't so.


Anonymous said...

I hit the bearsden on Sunday night. It was the same story as you heard MDH.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

I haven't heard any good news from the bearsden section either.

bert said...

But there should be some fish in the gorge pool, right? That's plenty deep, although I don't know if there are any springs close by.

Anonymous said...

Same luck at kempfield, although managed some freshly stocked 'bows at the depot bridge and orcutt brook compliments of the ole bead-head bugger

Millers River Flyfisher said...


If there is a refuge for trout in the bears den it would be at the Gorge Pool. It's deep and mostly shaded. My guess is that the browns would have made it through this past Summer in that two tiered hole.

Rodney at Flag's told me that someone caught a good sized brown up on Osgood Brook which is a trib of the Millers in Wendell. A spawning brown?? Maybe!