Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Good Guiding Day On The Swift

It was a good day today! We hit the PIPE section at 8am and were the only ones there mainly because the fishing on the Swift has been a bit "off" from it's recent past. But the trout are there and one has to really fish for them. We hooked 7 fish which included a monster sucker which made short order of our 6x but 4 good size bows were brought to the net. Fly fishers began to show up and I saw them hook land three during that time. We fished and scouted around, took a lunch break and headed for the Y POOL. Again, every few anglers. We worked the bubbler run but didn't even see a fish. The wind began to pick up as we hit the fabled Y Pool just as the last solo angler left. Now, things get interesting. There are no rising trout EXCEPT one. The bows had no interest in investigating the choppy surface except one fish which "looked" like a brookie from our vantage point. He just kept cruising the pool sipping the surface. My "client" wanted to throw a dry at him. I thought differently but tied on a size 26 black emmerger under a cdc post. Here's what happened: the trout came up, gave a look and then went down. But he followed the fly again and repeated the same act as before. Now, with only three feet of drift left the fish came back up, followed the fly for a foot and then gave us the TAKE. It was a brown of about 12 inches. Not a monster BUT a difficult fish caught under difficult conditions.

That's what is all about!!



Bob O said...

Nice job sticking it out Ken. Persistence pays off.

lawson23 said...

Well done, they're there, just finicky. I had a lot of luck with a #20 bead head orange boy soft hackle, similar to a grouse and orange.

Tom said...

Hit the EB of the Westfield up along Rt 9 in Cummington. Water temp is still pretty cold along with the air temp. Managed a couple nice rainbows but had to nymph deep and slow. If the temperatures rise the fish should get more active.