Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finally, A Spring Day On The Swift

Finally, Spring came to the Swift. Last Saturday I froze from 6:30 am to 11ish. I caught some but the wind was biting and I still had ice on my guides by late morning. I fish all Winter long on this river but it's SPRING and I want to see and feel it.

Today was the day. The temperature nosed 70 degrees and when I made it to the Y Pool at 5pm the trout were still rising. I rose four, broke off two and didn't land any BUT that was ok!! It was a warm Spring day and I got to spend 90 minutes working rising trout. That's what we have waited for!!

We will have a few nippy days ahead but the best weeks and months are right around the corner!!

The Millers - wait until the end of April.

The EB - wait until early May (hopefully).



Kozman said...

Isn't there snow on the way?...I'm just saying :)

-Wet Blanket

flyfisher1000 said...

i donned my chest-waders and stood in barton cove...caught a number of fish ..lmb, blue-gill, huge yellow perch and also some 10 golden shines...all on a rust-colored soft hackle fly size 12

flyfisher1000 said...

oops....that was ...10 inch shiners not shines....

note: i fish all species..not just trout...but only with a 5 and 8 weight !!!

Will said...

Very cool flyfisher1000... fly rods are great fun for more than just trout and salmon... Pike, bass, sunnies, perch, or anything else that you can get to eat a "fly" is AWESOME fun!

Ken I'm jealous in a good way. life has made me unable to hit the swift since last July... Hopefully I can get out some time soon... those gin clear waters and well educated trout are a blast... especially when they look up :)

Paul J, said...

Went to the Swift.Route 9 River Road side. Zip ,Zero. I spoke to several other fisherman and they all stated that the river is low and pretty deviod of fish. Many comments related to the stocking taking place only in the Fly Fishing catch and release.If that is so it is a dis-service to others that do not fly fish.I would like some comments back on this observation. Thanks all

Bob O said...

Ken - Good for you braving the wind and weather to induce a few strikes at the Y pool. It's only the beginning.

Paul J - Trout have been stocked in the Swift and more will be introduced through April and May. The river is running at its normal (low) 50 cfs. The Quabbin is contributing nothing over the spillway. There are fish throughout the stream, above and below Rt 9 but you have to work for them. The spin fishers have not been abandoned - rest assured. Remember from Jan 1 to July 1 the area downstream from Rt9 is open to all legal methods of fishing. Harvesting fish is permitted.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

The fish below RT 9 seem to be holed up in certain areas and are not spread out. I took 8 in one spot and another 4 from the same location. It's not easy fishing but the fish are there. There will be more fish soon and with that more fishermen. Take your pick!


Anonymous said...

The Swift has reported to have been stocked the past couple of weeks, both in Ware and in Palmer. I'm hoping to hit Bondsville early next week. Last year, they either stocked very few fish (if any below the 2nd dam) or the locals have become extremely adept at catching rainbows and browns (but not the brookies).


Millers River Flyfisher said...


I agree with your take on the Bondsville section last year. I caught some smalll brookies but nothing else. I saw very few people fishing, fly fishing or otherwise.

The brookies were fun!


flyfisher1000 said...

went out and fished barton cove again....this time i used my trustie 'ol float-tube

caught more of the same..and found out my proline waders "seep" a little in the crouch..will silicone spray stop the leak?

Will said...

flyfisher1000, I tried that when a set I had seeped a bit around the junction of the neoprene and "breathable" materials (foot-leg junction)... It worked briefly, but wore off with some walking. Worth a shot. Loon UV wader repair works a bit better.

Anonymous said...

You want to get some Aquaseal to fix your waders. I use it on all of the inside seams around the crotch area because there always seems to be some type of leak. The stuff works great.
Still waiting for the Millers to be fishable. The flow seems to be rising for the Rat Race but hopefully the stocking trucks will be rolling to the river next week.

Tom from Orange

Brendan said...

I've had good luck with Aquaseal on breathable waders... I've used both the fast-curing (UV light) and slow varieties.

flyfisher1000 said...

to both...Tom and brendan...

ty for the info...i'll try it this weekend....and then just maybe....i can take waders off without looking like i pee'd myself lol

lawson23 said...

The fish are there above rte. 9, just not packed like people are used to in the spring and all. I went last on 3/31 and fished to at least a dozen different fish, hooking 4 and landing 2. They're feeding, just very selectively. No idea about the section below rte.9, i don't fish it.