Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Outlook - Millers, EB And The Swift

As I write this (Friday, May 24 at 6:30 pm) the Millers is racing along at 1560 cfs. The EB is RUNNING at 1270 cfs and the Swift is where it's been for months - the low 50 cfs range. Guess where most of the action will be!

The above comment is conventional wisdom. Freestones bear the brunt of heavy rains, tailwaters much less so. But one will have to keep an eye on the EB. This river rises like a rocket and drops like a rock as the rains stop. It peaked around midnight nudging 2000 cfs and then dropped 700 to where it is now. It will continue to drop if the rains hold off. Don't rule out 500 cfs by Sunday. 500 is very fishable on that river.

The Millers is in for a high water long haul. It will take the better part of a week to get this river down to the 500 range that I like to start at. If the rains continue it will stay high. In 2009 it hit 1500 around June 6 and didn't sink below 1000 for more than a month.

The Swift, in many minds, will be the only game in town but that's selling your chances of fly fishing this weekend short. If you don't want the crowds then hit the lower Swift in Bondsville. It's usually empty and is a different river than the Rt 9 area. Also, here's a chance to fish those smaller streams that you've always said you would fish. They will be the first to recede and you will be away from the crowd.

I'll be keeping an eye on the EB!!



Anonymous said...

If anyone sees anything besides fall fish, suckers and or an occasional brookie down in Bondsville, give a holler.
I did find 1 dead rainbow several weeks ago down in the industrial park area along a few dozen suckers. The difference from 2010 and today in regards to finding trout down in this area is incredibly sad.


millerbrown said...


2010 and 2011 were ok in Bondsville. I believe I fished it once in 2012 and I don't think I did well. Maybe we'll get some other opinions.


A Simple Man said...

As of 9am Saturday morning the EB is at 1290 and rising. Doppler shows rain throughout western Ma and Vt for the next 2 days at least. Its toast until at least Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Bad timing, but we badly needed the rain.

NHFlyfish said...

Tribs of the Deerfield are fishing great, 3 of us caught and released over 20 fish today, a freestone running around 250. It'll be crap in a month when the fish have to pool up due to low water and get wormed out.

Falsecast said...

I have hit the Swift a few times this past week and it's been fishing really well. I have chucked nothing but a size 14 Hendrickson dry. That hatch is waning now, but has been good in the upper section due to the colder temps.

The "people" hatch, however, is in full swing so be prepared. I can see other rivers already coming down so that is good news and we needed the water.

Will said...

Hit one of the swift branches well prior to hitting the quabbin. Wont let on if it was the WB, MB or EB... ;-)

Awesome time catching everything that moved it seemed. Oddly, the 3 best flies were a gnarley heavy streamer of my creation (basically a heavy olive maribou and silicone legged fly), a heavy cray fish fly and surprisingly a yellow stone which was really just a strike indicator when I tied it on a "hopper dropper". It was moderately high water. Normally this river is best in the 50-75 range, and it was about 150 - which was down about 80-100 from the day prior... Fun stuff.

Rally wanted to hit the millers for SMB's and trout, but 1900cfs saturday suggested otherwise ;) and the (as falsecast noted) people hatch on the swift just had me to nervous to drive that far...

Felt great to wet a line though - been much to long.