Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, June 28, 2013

Mid Week Evening On The EB And A Word On The Millers

This past Wednesday evening was prime for the EB. The flow was perfect, it was cloudy (perfect)but not raining, I was the only one there and the trout were hitting my surface offerings. Now, there wasn't a full blown hatch going on just the usual scattering of seasonal mayflies mixed with some large stoneflies. There were few trout that were rising but enough to keep it interesting.

The best places were at the head of pools where I caught most of the 11 that took the fly. No violent strikes just a sip off of the surface. And it didn't matter what fly I used. A size 10 stimulator worked early followed by a size 12 hair (deer hair) wing Adams and then at the end a size 14 oliive comparadun. And I guess that I hit the cycle because I took browns, 'bows and two brookies all on dries. It was a great evening.

What about now? Last nights storms blew the EB out, period. It also backed up the Millers for who knows how long. It's been three weeks since the Millers was at 500 cfs so plan on another week for this river. The EB will drop quickly and then level off.

While I'm on the topic of the Millers: Don't listen to the sources that say that this river will offer trout fishing only until late June or early July. I've had great trout fishing (brown trout) throughout the Summer for 30 years. As I said in my Millers Guide, if you fish the Millers, or most freestone streams, at mid day during the heat of Summer you will not be successful. Fish the Millers in the very early morning (4am) or in the evening during the Summer. That's when you will see actively feeding browns. The term "evening rise" has been with us for almost a hundred years. One online source seems to be unaware of freestone Summer conditions. Fish the evenings on the Millers. It's always been great!!!

It's Summer and I look forward to it. Shirtsleeves and balmy evenings and rising trout!!!!

The Swift - Low and COLD. Need I say more.



zerosleep said...

I was at the millers last nite, only caught 2 small small mouth bass and a 10" dace. Looked promising, but as you say not after last night and today. It's back to the swift for me.

Tom said...

Hit the EB yesterday in the gorge. Water was a little high but very manageable. Caught a mixture of bows, browns and brookies until the thunderstorms chased me off. One bow I caught had the nastiest looking hook wounds all around its mouth, looked like someone pushed is mouth into a lawnmower. Anyone ever fish the Westfield below the dam in Knightville, wondering what its like down that way,