Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Swift - It's Ups And Downs

The Swift ran at 50 cfs since last Fall and then made the jump to 125 almost three weeks ago. Then it fell back to 50 on on Monday but jumped back up to 125 eight hours before I wrote this. That low flow on the Connecticut River controls much of this but it doesn't put a damper on the trout fishing. It's been good regardless of the flow although 50 cfs requires more finesse than 125.

Earlier this week I spent a short evening below the gauge just hours after the tap was turned down. There were plenty of trout and I caught my share on a size 18 nymph that I will write about in a later post. That nymph will work now even when the flow is higher.

"Spent a short evening" were the words that I wrote. The evenings are getting shorter. Sundown that evening was at 7:06 pm, light enough to fish but not for long. I was fortunate for the two hours on the river but I kept thinking of the light at that time two months ago and the long cold season ahead. Short evening trips will soon be a thing of the past. Soon the trips will be full daytime trips much like anglers that have to put on the miles to find good fly fishing. I guess I'm lucky to live close to good rivers.

The Swift is fishing well. Fish the Swift!



Bob O said...

Yes plenty of hungry fish in the Swift. Hard to believe they'll be 'recharging' the river with new stock bows within the next month. Shorter days and cooler weather sadly brings evening earlier. All the same, later, as we trudge through snow to fish, we'll think back fondly to these days at the edge of summer.

You're right Ken, we are fortunate to have year-round fishing within an hour's ride. Tightlines.

John Smith said...

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