Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Taste Of Spring And Fly Pattern Experiments

On this past Saturday the temperature crossed 50 degrees. Wonderful!! On Sunday the temperature was in the mid 40's. Still very good on the Swift during this lousy Winter. I was there both days. How did I do? I landed a few and lost a few. Although the overall action was slow others did better and that may be because I was experimenting. I've had Chironomidae on the brain for a month and I was working some variations that proved to be somewhat successful. The same patterns worked around the pipe but above RT 9 they were just so-so. Trout above RT 9 get a good, slow look at things instead of in my favorite spots below RT 9. I get to fish often enough on the Swift during the Winter that I can afford to experiment with fly patterns without thinking that the day is wasted because of fewer trout in the net. I fish a lot so I can take that luxury. I catch a lot too so I don't feel so bad when I work a pattern too long.

Anyway, here are a few observations from above RT 9 - The otter is at the Y Pool!! I saw few fish in this fish sanctuary on Saturday and the few that I saw hugged the bottom and were not moving. The first photo shows the ice shelf at the overflow arm of the Y Pool were I saw the otter. Just missed a photo of that critter.

Because of that mammal most fish were stacked up by the power lines. The water is shallower there than at the Y Pool and the trout have better defenses in that spot. There were many trout (caught some) downstream where the new foot bridge is just upstream from the parking lot.

Bill (the Swift regular) and I spotted a robin working some soft dirt just below the Y Pool. I saw that bird digging around moving leaves and such. Bill figured that the bird may have been pecking away at tiny winter stoneflies. I've seen hundreds of robins in and around where I live. They seem to be clustered around berry trees/bushes. It seems so early for those guys.

I included a photo of the Y Pool in mid May. We are heading in that direction. Spring will be here soon!!



Anonymous said...

Ken - Saturday were you hiking down stream from the Y pool around 10:30? I realized after saying hello to someone, that he looked a lot like the pic at the top of your blog... Anyway, if that was you, I will remember to stop and thank you in person for the great blog next time I see you.

Fishing was not fast... but I think I ended up with a few early releases (fish that came off prior to getting in the net :)) and 4-5 actually making the net. all but 1 were on a #16 Walt's Worm with a gold bead on a jig style hook... the other was on an experimental fly that's basically a #12 scud with a tan body and chartruese belly. It was a really nice morning on the water, and everyone on the river seemed unusually happy :) which must reflect the warmth of the day!


Millers River Flyfisher said...


That may of been me without the telltale hat. I was taking a breakfast/lunch break about that time.

Glad that you did well on that "experimental fly" of yours. It is fun to try new things instead of the usual dogma that surrounds this activity.

We are all waiting to Spring!!


Bob O said...

Ken, glad to learn you made out this weekend. It may be the last warm stretch for a bit. I, too, managed a session Sunday afternoon. Took fish in the not ususal places - by the lower bench, and downstream from the wires. And in a usual place - the hatchery hole - on an unlikely winter fly, a #14 dark bodied soft/partridge hackle. Two in a row and then nothing. I am encouraging spring to come - that's not working so well either.
Hah! :-)

tincup said...

Another weekend of tying flies some 22 black stoneflies a couple of different types of jailbirds and a bunch of pinheads and hot spots.
Anybody recommend anything else.

millerbrown said...


I'm going to the Swift around late morning. At 30 degrees it will feel like Florida.