Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Forgetting What Worked....

Sometimes you wonder why you stop doing things especially things that work. Maybe because they may seem passe or old and from an other time. Maybe you stop doing something that works because you know that in a short time you will be in a situation where that technique will just have to be stripped away in order to deal with an evening rise or some other situation.

I had a short window of opportunity to work this presentation out of my brain. As I crested Chesterfield Center at 5:00pm the temperature read 83 degrees but the darkening haze to the west let me know what was in store. At 5:30 I was in the water on a very average riffle/run section of the EB. It looked more like 8:30!! On went a size 10 yellow and partridge and a size 10 tarantula as the top fly.

I used to work this set up ten years ago on this river and had very good success but I abandoned it for a single fly approach. It was perfect for the riffles and semi plunge pockets that the EB is famous for. A great trout hunting set up.

I fished for 45 minutes before the distant sound of thunder made me leave. Three large 'bows came to the net. Two on the surface fly and one on the soft hackle.

If you are addicted to indicators I would ditch the indicator and use a large dry fly like a tarantula, simulator or a size 10 Adams or any large mayfly. You can practice your dry fly technique and still catch trout!

On the way back I stopped at the Bliss Pool and saw some rising trout but the thunder was very close and I had done what I wanted to do. I felt fine.

As I crested Chesterfield Center on the way back east the temperature was down to 67 degrees. The skies opened up when I made it to home in Leeds and it poured for an hour. Wednesday (tomorrow) will be in the 70's and the forecast for the next few days will be cooler than the last two. Good news for the EB!!

I saw NOBODY fishing the river!!! So much for weekday crowds. For those who want to fish the EB in mid June please remember that early morning and late afternoon are prime. Mid day.....not so much unless it's cloudy and cool.

I'll hit the Millers again on Thursday if it's not too high.



Anonymous said...

Do you ever get any smallies on the EB? I've been prospecting for browns on a freestone near me and have landed clone bows and some SMB. I was thinking that were you find one you find the other?

Bmik said...

I made the trip out to fish the EB on the 23rd and I have to say it was the best fishing day I have had in a long time. I usually start with a dry/dropper setup but I favor The Usual as the dry (floats like a cork and sits low in the water)'s a beautiful river and I can't wait to get back there. bmik

Falsecast said...

Ken, Not sure if I saw you leading a group of people across the Swift today near the hatchery or not?? I had the place to myself in the rain and was quite productive.

I've had two nice days down below the pipe on falling water levels. That hole has changed a bit and the tail end has improved Sulphurs have shown up and I've been taking a mix of smallish Browns, one very large Brown on a BWO emerger I was using during the hatch and some large Bows this week. Not too many people down there which is surprising. Still feel there aren't as many fish or as spread out in that river this year. Especially upstream where everywhere but the Y pool seems to be sparse.

Also, some very large mayflies occasionally coming up. Do you know what they are? They are a dark fly.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


That was me and now I know that was you.

You're right about the Swift. there are trout there but not in the numbers of past years. The regs change on 7/1 and usually we get a fresh stocking below rt 9 at the end of June. the seems to be more trout in the Eb and Millers right now.

I haven't seen that dark fly that you mention but I've seen what appears to be pale evening duns in both dun and spinner form.