Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, June 22, 2014

River Review As Spring Moves Into Summer

How have the Millers and the EB been fishing? The answer - perfect, excellent, best in years as my own observations and others have pointed out. The Millers has been running at a steady fishable pace for weeks now which usually isn't the case. The EB has had the flush of local T-storms to keep it from getting to bony. Having fishable flows and cool weather (nighttime lows in the high 40's really help)have kept the trout active.

The Swift - below rt 9 it is slim pickings and above rt 9 not too much better. We can count on the 7/1 regulation change below rt9 to give us a good stocking of trout (it always has)but why do we have to wait sooooo long for this when the vast majority of anglers who fish this section are C&R fly fishers who don't litter the place with coffee cups and bait containers and who stand in the middle of the tree pool waiting for a "bite" on their power bait which keeps everyone else from effectively fishing this pool?? Thankfully "they" have dwindled over the last few weeks because there are few trout because they caught and kept them all. Personally, I am tired of this policy. This is a fly fishing river pure and simple.

The Millers and the EB will be swinging into summer mode very soon. The great mid day catches of a month ago will cease with action occurring very early in the morning and in the evening into dark. If we have a cloudy, cool and misty day in July and August your daytime catches will improve because of that weather especially for browns. The Swift will be the Swift - flowing along at 58 degrees and hopefully some trout.

One of the above pictures shows a stocking just upstream from the Pipe last year. The trout are tossed into the river just above the intake building where they school up for days and are hammered by everyone. One would thing that the boys would swing the truck around to River Rd and toss some at the gauge and the other up river turnoff. Hopefully they will read this!!!



Bob O said...

I had sparse pickings in the Swift's Bubbler stretch today. Saw three fish, raised one, hooked none. On a small EHCaddis. Moved down to the Pipe. Immediately hooked and landed a 8 inch brookie on the dry. Saw a couple of nice bows in the Pipe pool. Water was so low they darted away. Managed to land one very pretty brown, and a nice scrappy chunk bow from the Hatchery pool. Both on a small egg pattern down deep. The 4th of July infusion will be well recieved.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bob O,

Yes, that had to be you I saw tonight at the Pipe. Took a client out for some dry fly instruction but was overwhelmed with pine litter on the stream. We did land a 2 inch brookie above the intake that stuffed a #18 sulphur into its mouth. Pretty fish with all of the parr markings. Very few rises, much less than last week when I thought there were few rises.

Waiting for the infusion!!