Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sorry for the delay in posting. Lots of guiding, lots of fishing and lots of quick tying to get my fly boxes replenished.

Here it is:

Fish the EB - This river has been producing very well even through some weekend crowds(it's not really crowded) Find your way out here during the week and you will find next to nobody there. The fly fishers that you run into are just like you: friendly, low key and are just looking for a wide section to fish. There's plenty of that on the EB.

Fish the Millers - flows are very good and the Thursday Friday rains haven't (so far) jumped the flows into something that is unfishable. HIT THIS RIVER. Lots of bows and browns.

The Swift - I've heard the story about the lack of fish. It may be true or not. I've done well and so have others while others claim to be fishing a desert. One thing is true - there are fewer trout especially below RT 9 but trout are there. After the July 1st regulations change we will see more trout due, hopefully, to a late stocking for the catch and release folks who are the ones who REALLY cherish this river.

What's been working - soft hackles have been ruling the day for me on the EB, Millers and have been working well on the Swift by the Pipe. Any dusky olive pattern in average sizes works well. WB's in SMALL sizes (10-12) cut to the chase on the Millers/EB. Choose the dry fly pattern to fit the occasion on these rivers.

We are into PRIME TIME on these three rivers. Within two weeks we will be into the summer mode on the EB and the Millers - early morning and evening fishing until mid September when it is all day fishing.

I don't want to think about September now. We have three months of great fishing on three great rivers.

GO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hibernation said...

I was amazed that only 1 car was at the Bears Den lot when I arrived last night Ken. Had my skills been sharper I'd have landed many fish... in the end, I broke one off at the start of the "riffle" below the upper tressel then caught one, lost 1 or 2 on picket pin's working my way down while also catching a bunch of fall fish... and finally in the first run I landed several including one that was rising repeatedly at the end of the pool next to a rock... when he hit the klinkhamer, he came completely out of the water - it was amazing! Water is getting pretty warm, my thermometer kept showing numbers near 70... but the fishing was solid. Outside that one fish, not much consistently happening on top though... Had I stayed that may have changed, because about 8:45 a small light mayfly started hatching (18's Id say - never "caught" one so not totally sure on the type)...

YellowstoneBound said...

Hi Ken -- fished the long corner below Bliss from 4:00 to 8:00 PM on on Father's Day - water was in great shape though a bit warm. I was shocked when the fish that I thought was going to be a brook trout in my net turned out to be a tiger trout. When did the state start dumping in these sterile hybrids, and does it mean that they have given up making this a sustainable fishery? These things are eating machines...

Eric said...

Had a great day Sat AM on the Millers. Cloud cover in the morning kept the fish happy. Caught more than my fair share of fish, including a new millers record for me, a 22" fat brown that took me into my backing before I could turn him and chase him down. Ken, I beleive I bumped into you on my way out, you were just heading in with a couple clients.
- Eric

Anonymous said...

Fished the Swift Sunday. There are a decent amount of fish in the Y pool. Below that kind of scarce. Still managed 8 fish for the day. All in all a nice way to spend Fathers day.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


You did well and it is surprising that this section sees such low pressure. One reason may have been the fact that you were fishing in the evening which is something that is seldom seen on the BD section. At this time of year it's the best time to fish. They don't call it the "evening rise" for nothing.

We did well on the lower C&R.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


That must of been me and that sounds like a great brown!!! We caught a brownie of 17 inches that was a native: slim, intact fins and a gorgeous honey color.

The Millers is producing this year!!


David said...

I fished 1000 acre run on sunday with a buddy, and like Hibernation said, almost no one else thought to do the same. Hit the water around 4 and worked downstream with nymphs and dries, catching a few fall fish. Started seeing splashy rises in breaks between fast waters and brought a hefty brown to hand that took a stimulator. Native, and around 15"; beautiful fish that went airborne during the fight. Sunday was my first time on the Millers this season, and I'm looking forward to more trips out there.

Falsecast said...

How is the Kempfield doing and that area above the RR bridge (possibly Trestle Pool?). Is it worth fishing that boulder water below Kempfield? Access gets a bit tougher, but it looks fishy. I always assume it gets killed because of the easier access and parking, but I pulled a nice brown out below the highway bridge last fall so it obviously holds fish all season.

I'd like to get my hands on a backing burner like Eric did.

Been up at the Swift mostly recently and agree with Anonymous. There seem to be more fish below rte 9. I saw only one in the bubbler run, but that should change with the warmer weather. I guess the overflow is done too.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


The whole river seems to be producing. The Upper Trestle Pool is ABOVE the C&R section which means you follow the tracks LEFT at the parking area. This pool is upstream from the RR trestle and is approached from the LEFT side.

A good place!


Millers River Flyfisher said...

Yellowstone Bound,

I hate tiger trout. A sterile waste of space meant to excite the catch and keep crowd. They will all be gone soon.


Falsecast said...

I went there the other day and got ran out of the Trestle pool by an angry beaver :) I've done well there before, but was a bit low and no action for me that day. I did manage two browns in the Kempfield and saw an enormous smallmouth feeding in the shallows. There were a few big splashes that might have been big browns chasing big damsels. I hooked one I lost chucking a WB right into the rise. Also, saw another beaver that looked the size of a seal. I do like that stretch and I am guessing it is becoming an evening thing. I was there midday with hot sunny weather. I'll be back before the real dog days set in, but that seems to be coming fast.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I know that Upper Trestle beaver. He slashed his way around us last Saturday but we still caught trout.

Hint: the Upper Trestle is never too low to fish. I've had very good evening action when the cfs is below 200 - really!!! It's deep enough to hold trout all summer.

The biggest smallie that I've caught in the Millers was by the rocks at the head of the Kempfield Run across from the island or should I say TWO islands because the island was cut in two this winter/spring. The bass was between 2.5 to 3 lb.

It's becoming an evening fishery as it has always done during the summer. Evenings can be great especially at the UT.