Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Late Season The EB

It's late in the season and two rain events in October did a good job of spreading the trout out. One event moved the needle to 1300 cfs and the next hit about 3000 cfs. The river came down but the colder water changed everything. Double digit days where gone but careful fishing produced results.

Tuesday, November 11 was a good late season day. Two 'bows came to the net with soft hackles and WB's and one of three trout that took a liking to a large dry managed to be released. The other two? Soft rises and no hook ups. It was a good 3 hour trip in that 42 degree water. I was there over this past weekend where the 38 degree water resulted in some hits but no hook ups.

Last year the action seemed to have no end except when the weather just got too cold. This year it seemed to end early. I blame the rain events.

Now, we head into Winter and a season that belongs to the Swift. Some of my best days have been on this river during the Winter. Dress warm, know what to do and you will be rewarded. Contact me if you want to spend a half or full day fishing the Swift during this season. It beats waiting until Spring!



Jo Tango said...

hi ken, i too had a last outing on the EB. landed 2 rainbows and 1 brown. 40 degree water. swinging a wet fly in one run elicited a super-violent strike from a 15" rainbow. ablaze in color. will remember that one for a long time! stopped fishing when my fingers became too numb.

hope all is well with you....

Anonymous said...

Are you at all familiar with the Green River and North River up toward Colrain? I have heard alot of good things about both and was considering putting them on my honey-do list for next year.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

The only thing that I know about the Green River was that it was considered to be prime salmon nursery habitat back in the day and that it spikes up and down with heavy rain for than most rivers. That's it.